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Contemporary Home Renovations for Anyone on a Budget

The absolute worst part of home improvement shows is the budget section. During this portion, viewers learn just how big of a financial indent our dream renovation would cost – and for most, the price tag is simply not worth it.

However, there’s a common misconception at play here. Namely, while renovation does have a price, it does not need to cost us our life savings. To prove our point, here are some simple yet contemporary home improvements that are surely under budget!

The lighting – a simple yet effective trick

Contemporary Home Renovations for Anyone on a Budget

If you’ve ever even glanced through an interior design magazine, you’ve probably come across the idea that lighting is everything. While this thought might be just a bit exaggerated, there is an abundance of interior design aspects that do depend on lighting – making it the ideal stop for our first budget renovation idea.

Instead of knocking down a wall in search of additional light, replace the lighting that’s already been installed. Swap out the traditional table lamp for a more minimalistic and modern choice. With just a few budget replacements, your home will instantly gain a more contemporary vibe. In addition, replacing the lighting also gives you a chance to switch to environmentally-friendly lightbulbs and make the renovation that much better!

The door – the first impression

A first impression can tell you a lot (or at least a little) about a person. In interior design, the front door has the same effect. A timeless mahogany entrance will ooze confidence, while a classic cabin door will almost invite you in for hot cocoa. Thus, when looking to change the feeling of your home, the front door may be a solid place to start.

In addition to the front door, the renovation may spread to other doors and entrances in the house as well. These changes don’t need to be grand, of course. They can be as simple as buying new fly screen parts or splashing a coat of paint on the archway – something that will shift the vibe without shifting your check balance.

The wallpaper – a much-needed splash of color

Contemporary Home Renovations for Anyone on a Budget

Painting a room is an expense. Painting the entire home is an unsubtle hit to your life-saving. So the logical question is How to redo the walls without going over budget? The answer is fairly simple – wallpaper.

One possibility is covering the room with wallpaper from top to bottom. However, there is another more contemporary and arguably more in-budget route to take in this case. Consider covering one wall or even just a portion of it in printed wallpaper. The presence of a vibrant print will give the dull space a much-needed breath of fresh air. In addition, it also opens the door to similar and simple wall renovation in the future.

The countertops – the centerpiece of the kitchen

A kitchen remodel is a dreaded renovation project. In the minds of most, it consumes time, creates chaos, and is too expensive to consider even on good days. However, a kitchen doesn’t need to be stripped down for it to look good. In reality, changing the countertops will do the trick.

While it may not seem like it, the countertops are the centerpiece of any kitchen. They are the first item to catch your eye and the one that ties the whole room together. Thus, even though the cabinet doors may be exquisite and the floor pattern may be new, it’s the countertops that bring them together. Thus, when thinking of renovating your kitchen, exchange your outdated countertops for modern ones – the change will be instantaneous!

The bathroom – small renovations for notable changes

Contemporary Home Renovations for Anyone on a Budget

People think that there is only so much renovation that can be done to a bathroom. However, aside from replacing the plumbing, there’s an abundance of subtler changes that will give a bathroom a new life.

One possible renovation route is exchanging the faucets. Instead of classic pipes, opt for ceramic or messing – a design that stands out and draws you in. Another option is to replace the towels with a more vibrant and contemporary design. Even though these tweaks may seem small, they’ll easily become the centerpieces of the bathroom.

The one idea this article has tried to stress is that any room, regardless of shape or size, can be renovated within a budget. The secret is knowing which pieces will make an impact, and we hope that this article taught you just that. The only thing left is to pick a room and begin the renovation!

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