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What’s the Best Rated Vape Pen in 2020?

Nearly one-in-five young Americans vape and it’s growing in popularity with older generations too. Vaping is a good way to stop smoking and is cheaper too. 

Yet if you want to start vaping, it’s easy to get confused when browsing vaping websites. There’s a lot of jargon involved in vaping and it can sometimes seem like an arcane art. If you just want to find the best-rated vape pen for your needs, this can get frustrating fast.

In this guide, we’re going to look at a range of vape pens that are on the market and help you find the best vape pen for you. Ready to learn more and get started vaping? Then read on!

1. Juul

When you think of vaping, it’s hard not to think of the Juul. There are good reasons that this device has taken the market by storm. It’s compact and is stylish: it’s effectively the iPod of vaping.

Yet, as we know style isn’t everything.

You might have heard of young people getting high with Juuls. This is purely due to irresponsible use: they can pack quite a punch at the highest nicotine concentrations but if you use them sensibly, they’re like any other vape.

There are a couple of key advantages that the Juul has: it’s so popular that you can buy pods for it almost everywhere and it’s very easy to use. Put it to your lips and take a drag. There are no complicated controls.

It might be as easy as vaping gets but Juul pods are expensive. If price is a large factor in your switch to vaping, you’d be better off using a refillable pod system. With these, you only need to buy a bottle of liquid, no need to buy new pods all the time.

If you want a simple vape and don’t care about cost, the Juul is a good option.

2. Smok Fetch Pro

If you like the idea of a refillable pod system, the Smok Fetch Pro is a fantastic choice. This vape is something between a traditional vape pen and a box mod, the more advanced style of vape. 

It features a full-color screen on the side, so you can tweak it to your heart’s content. If you’d like to lock the power, you can press the power up and power down buttons together and it will stay at that wattage. The screen also features a puff counter, if you like to keep track of how much you’re vaping.

Unlike the Juul, this vape doesn’t come with a battery built-in. You’ll need to buy a single 18650 battery but these can be found at any vape shop.

It’s a step up from the Juul. While it’s more complex, you can save money by refilling the pod with the liquid of your choice. You’ll have to learn a little about cleaning a vape to keep it in top shape but this is very easy to learn.

If the Juul is a little too streamlined for you and you want something that can be as simple or as complex as you like, the Smok Fetch Pro is a good choice. If you don’t like the square shape, you could go for the RPM80, which is a more traditional vape pen shape. 

3. Innokin Endura T20-S

Sometimes when people start vaping, they grab whatever vape they can from a gas station or a local convenience store. The thing is, these vapes are almost uniformly terrible. That means they can actually put off people who would love vaping if they had the right equipment.

For those who want to get started with vaping the right way, the Endura series of vapes by Innokin remains a firm favorite of ours. While it’s a big step up from the simple vapes you’d buy at a gas station, it’s no harder to use.

There’s one button on the whole device, which you can press to fire, switch power settings, and turn it on or off. There are small LEDs that show which power setting you’ve got and nothing else. It’s as simple as can be.

Like with the Smok Fetch, you can use any kind of vape juice in the Endura and it will handle it like a champ. They’re cheap too, usually costing around $20-30. 

If you want to introduce someone to vaping at a low cost, without sacrificing quality, then you want an Innokin Endura.

4. Smok Nord

The second Smok product on this list is another fantastic option for those who aren’t interested in the Juul. The Nord combines small form factors with real power. 

Powered by an internal battery, there are two different kinds of coils available for the Nord. One is for mouth-to-lung only, which is like using a cigarette. The other lets you use it for direct-to-lung vaping, which lets you blow some quite impressive clouds.

It’s cheap, like the Endura, too. Its refillable pods are a great alternative to the Juul’s pods. If you’re looking for a vape pen that is somewhere in between the Smok Fetch and the Juul, this pod-based system is hard to beat.

The only real complaint is that the pods have been known to leak. However, this doesn’t happen with every pod and they’re cheap to replace should it happen to you.

What’s the Best-Rated Vape Pen Around?

There’s no one answer to “what’s the best-rated vape pen.” It will depend on your specific requirements. If you’re looking for a high-end vape, the Juul is great, but if you want to keep things a little cheaper or want something a little more customizable, the other vapes on this list are great alternatives.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. For more interesting and informative posts, check out the rest of our blog!