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Staying Social – 5 Tips For Remote Workers To Avoid Loneliness And Burnout

Remote work is wonderful. You have freedom, you can enjoy a relaxed setting, and you don’t have to consider others the way you would in a shared office space. However, there also challenges. Perhaps most troubling is the fact that remote workers are more prone to loneliness and burnout. Thankfully, this isn’t so hard to remedy. Here are five tips for remote workers to avoid loneliness and burnout:

  1. Get Support

Staying home while you work has its perks. You can have coffee whenever you want, play your music at whatever volume you’d like, and you don’t have to consider the needs of others quite as much. However, you also have no one to share the responsibilities with, and none of those workplace vibes keep you motivated and accountable. One of the best ways around this is to make use of serviced office spaces. This solution enables you to enjoy the benefits of an immaculately maintained office without the fixed monthly overheads. 

  1. Balance Going Out With Staying In

Staying home in isolation every day is an introvert’s dream come true, but even for the most relaxed homebodies, loneliness can take a toll after a while. It’s important to stay in touch with your mental health. If you feel yourself beginning to develop cabin fever, nip it in the bud by changing your routine. This can be as simple as putting work aside for a few minutes to take a walk outdoors. The mental health benefits of walking are often undervalued. However, the fresh air can boost brain function, the circulation can help you to feel invigorated, and the change of scenery can prevent repetition from impacting your sense of joy. 

  1. Join Online Hobby Classes

There are many ways to kick back and get social at home, even when you are technically home alone. Yoga classes, cooking classes, fitness groups, and even board games can be enjoyed in the form of online classes. Decide on an appropriate and convenient break time, and punctuate your working day with a fun activity. Many online classes are free while others require only a nominal joining fee. You can get to know new people, get social, and return to your desk without disrupting your day. Online classes are convenient and fun, and they’ll allow you to skip into the second half of your workday with renewed mental and physical energy. 

  1. Separate “Home” and “Work” Duties

One of the biggest challenges of remote work is finding that separation between your home life and your personal life. Answering a work call with the laundry basket perched on your hip can seriously impact your productivity and create a sense of internal chaos that soon leads to overwhelm. Have a “workspace” and use that area only for work. During your working hours, ignore household chores. There needs to be a clear division in order for you to maintain your work-life balance. 

  1. Happiness creates focus

When you start to experience chaos, overwhelm, and burnout, it can hamper your productivity which in turn feeds your unhappiness, plunging you into a vicious cycle. Break out of that cycle by taking the time to nurture yourself with activities you know will make you happy. Maybe you need five minutes to sing in the shower, dance to your favorite tunes, or drink a cup of tea. Seek out your happy space, and when you emerge, you’ll be rewarded with improved concentration and productivity. 

Follow the tips above for a calmer and more productive remote working experience. 

Image credit: Unsplash Christopher Ivanov