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When You Need A Change Of Transportation, Consider These Options

Are you ready for a change in the way you get from Point A to Point B? Getting from one place to another does not have to be a chore. Make it easier on yourself by picking and choosing the best options for you and the situation at hand. 

A new-to-you car.

If a new (to you) car is in order and you would rather spend your discretionary income on something other than a large monthly car payment, it is good to know that you have viable options. Forgo a brand-new vehicle and opt for a pre-owned one as a perfect alternative. The wheels have made a few more revolutions than a new one will have done, but a used car will cost you considerably less than a new one, and that is worth a lot.

Check out your local car shops to test drive several different makes and models of interest. You can also search online to find exactly what you are looking for. Perform searches based on the car features you are looking for to streamline the process. Always ask the salesperson what inspection points have been assessed and what warranties they offer on their vehicles.

Embrace the idea of sharing.

Working within the vicinity of those you live with provides an almost perfect means of finding a solution to your transportation needs. Instead of buying another vehicle for your partner or driving a teen, consider sharing your vehicle. It may seem strange at first, and you might have a feeling of lessened independence. 

What you actually have is savings. You can save time by sharing driving duties. When the other person is driving, you can catch up on work, begin knitting that scarf you have always wanted to make, brush up on your language skills, or simply enjoy a relaxing conversation with the driver. Other ways to save are on a monthly car payment, extra vehicle insurance, gas money, and overall maintenance in addition to any incidentals such as parking or toll fees.

Try a bicycle for your commute.

Another way to change up your transportation routine is to eschew vehicles completely. If you have a bike, get your helmet and reflective gear and hop on! Find a comfortable backpack to carry your work essentials and map your route. Based on your time constraints and interests, you can find the quickest route or pick one that will give you beautiful scenery. 

If you live further from your destination than you have time to bike there, look at the local bus route to find a bus that offers a bicycle transport option.

Watch this video for tips on what mistakes not to make when you are a new bike commuter.

When You Need A Change Of Transportation, Consider These Options


Changing the way you move throughout the world is easy to do. It is nice to know that you have a lot of realistic options available depending on your needs or activities. Go ahead and find your next car and then look into other travel solutions in your area. After all, it is always good to have more than one option before you.

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