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5 Essentials To Always Take To A Dinner Party

5 Essentials To Always Take To A Dinner Party

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Perfect – no cooking for you for an evening. You’ve got an invite to a dinner party, and you can’t wait to just sit back and let someone else take care of the culinary side for one evening. And, even better than when you go to a restaurant, it’s all going to be free too! If that’s not a definition of a perfect evening, then what is remains a complete mystery.

As delightful as attending a dinner party can be, they are not without their problems. The biggest is a simple matter of social etiquette and worrying what is, and what isn’t, considered to be acceptable. To make sure you make an impression on your host in all the right ways, don’t consider crossing the threshold of the host’s house until you’ve got all of the following in your company…

1 – A Smile

Sometimes, you have to state the obvious or the obvious can be lost! Yes, you need to do all you can to ensure you’re a cheerful and receptive guest. No one wants to be making the effort of entertaining someone who is still sitting there looking miserable. So sweep aside all of your other concerns for an evening and put a smile on your face, for the sake of the host as much as for your own feelings. It’s also worth bearing in mind that faking a smile still makes you happier!

2 – An Offer Of Help

In the week before the dinner party, place a call to your host and ask if there is anything you can cook and bring along to help them out. In the vast majority of cases, this offer will be turned down – but having asked will very much reflect well on you as a guest.

3 – Their Favorite Tipple

Whether your host prefers their drinks soft so you turn up with a crate of Coke or they prefer grain alcohol so it’s whiskey or vodka you have in your possession, always ensure you’re not arriving empty-handed. By choosing your hosts favorite drink, you are acknowledging their friendship and the fact you know they will have made an effort – so you did, too.

4 – Compliments

You should be showering compliments on your host from the minute that you arrive. Compliment their outfit; their decor; and – of course – the food that they serve. It’s not only polite, but it will give your host a reason to smile even if they are otherwise feeling rushed off their feet.

5 – A Watch

Okay, so you don’t actually have to turn up with a watch if you don’t want to – this is just a way of making a marker for “be on time”. If you’re told to arrive at a specific time, then arrive at a specific time. If you’re on your way and get delayed, then at the very least you should be making a call to inform your host of what’s happening. Keep them informed and be as prompt as you possibly can be; it’s only polite!

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