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7 Tips for Getting Your License Back After a Suspension

There are many reasons why your driver’s license might be suspended in California. If you are like many people, you rely on your car to get from one destination to another, so even temporarily losing your driving privileges can be a hardship. These seven tips can help you get your license back.

1- Pay All Fines and Fees

In some cases, you’ll have to pay fines based on the reason your license was suspended as well as a reinstatement fee. The latter is $125 and is mandatory toward regaining your driving privileges.

2- Serve the Suspension

Usually, when your driver’s license is suspended, you have no choice but to serve the duration of the suspension. The amount of time can vary depending on the reason it happened in the first place. Something like driving under the influence (DUI) carries a longer time, but a minor traffic infraction can result in a shorter license suspension.

3- Check Your Violation Points

Traffic violations carry points against your license, and too many eventually lead to a suspension. Checking how many points you have can help determine whether it’s worth enrolling in a traffic school program. It can show the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that you’re committed to being a safer driver and potentially reduce your violation points, which can reinstate your license faster.

4- Get SR-22 Insurance

If the suspension was caused by a DUI, you might have to get SR-22 insurance. It’s not insurance but a certificate that shows you meet state liability requirements.

5- Complete All Mandatory Programs

California requires drivers to enter certain programs to satisfy violations resulting in license suspensions. Usually, this applies to DUI or serious traffic violations. You can only get your license reinstated once you satisfy this requirement. The program or programs may vary in length based on the number of violations and their severity.

6- Take Required Tests

Shortly after your driver’s license has been suspended, visit your local DMV to determine whether you need to take any tests. You may need to retake the driving test and even the written test that earned you your learner’s permit. Make sure to bring all forms and other documents relevant to reinstating your license to show what may be required of you.

7- File the Appropriate Form

If your license suspension was due to a medically-related situation, file a relevant form stating that. Include your medical records and a letter from your doctor certifying that the incident in question occurred because of an injury or medical condition.

Whatever the situation that caused your driver’s license to be suspended, you can find your routine interrupted. You need to drive to get to work or school and to go shopping and visit friends and family. Don’t wait if you’re in this situation – the sooner you take action, the better.

A license suspension triggered by a DUI or serious traffic violation can negatively impact your life. Contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you in your case.

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