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Full Time Job And A Full Time Mom? The Best Ways To Find Balance

Are you in the middle of raising a child and working a full 40 hour week? What it takes to be a modern woman! After all, finding balance between these two very important areas of life is going to be one of the hardest challenges you’ll ever face. However, it doesn’t need to be an impossible one, no matter how big of a mountain it is to climb! There are a few things you can do to ensure you’re getting the best of both worlds without losing anything in between. 

Work with Your Partner

You and your partner are part of a team. If you’re currently struggling to juggle it all, make sure they know about it. Talk to them about making a change in the household or either of your schedules for more harmony and a better sense of parental efficiency. Indeed, if you feel like you never get a night off or any time to yourself, something has got to give in your relationship. 

Hire a Sitter

It’s OK to need a sitter to take care of the kids for a little while. Even when you’re working from home and you’re technically only in the other room, having a ‘nanny’ on hand is going to save both your mom life and your professional life! Head online to sites like Care.com to find the right person for this; if the kids have someone fun and approachable to rely on when you’re out there making money, you’re going to be much happier! 

Have a Family Lazy Day

Lazy days are severely underrated. In a world that’s run by a sense of productivity that everyone is expected to have, they’ve fallen out of fashion! However, if you schedule a lazy day at least once a month, you’re going to be much happier. 

You and the kids can spend the day indoors doing nothing but having fun and making memories, in the kitchen baking cookies, or playing games, or dreaming up plays to perform in the living room. It’s not hard to swing one of these days off a month; just make sure you turn your phone off and don’t answer any emails either! 

What Will Matter in the Long Run?

This is the one thing to think about when the guilt sets in on either side. What will really matter to you in the long run? Your kids growing up knowing their mom was there for them is essential, but you also want to make a good, successful career for yourself. 

So, when situations arise that make it hard to pick between, you need to think about what actually matters more to you. Take each scenario on a case by case basis; does work come first right now, or should you make time for the family? Both matter! 

Working a full time job on top of being a mom is a serious challenge. Even if you feel like you’re struggling, congratulations on taking them both on!

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