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All-Natural Solutions for Common Dog Ailments

Our pets may not be able to speak to us, but they experience many of the same emotions and problems as us. Common ailments in pets such as dogs may or may not present visible symptoms; in many cases, dogs silently suffer from conditions until or unless they’re evaluated by a vet.

All-Natural Solutions for Common Dog Ailments

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Whether it be skin irritation, nausea, or just old age, many pets experience some form of discomfort on a regular basis. Giving your dogs the treatment they need can sometimes be costly, but many solutions are available without expensive prescriptions or artificial concoctions. Let’s take a look at a few all-natural solutions that can provide relief for your dogs from common ailments.


  • Plenty of Proteins


Despite the wishes of some, dogs are inherently carnivorous animals. They derive much of their natural diets from proteins found in the wild, making the modern, carb-rich diets unnatural. As time goes on, dogs can develop any number of problems – such as food allergies and even diabetes – from excessive carb-based diets that fail to include real protein. A diet rich in protein – whether it is meat-based or derived elsewhere – is a natural guard against illness and disease. From a stronger skeletal and muscular system to overall better weight management, feeding your dog a high-protein diet is an all-natural blessing in disguise.


  • Hemp


Another fantastic all-natural product you should consider giving your dog is hemp. While cannabis itself isn’t necessarily good for pets (it can, in fact, be harmful), the chemical components in all-natural hemp are different and therefore provide therapeutic benefits. A variety of flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes in small amounts work in ways that do not cause them to feel high. Some of the benefits of hemp in dogs include a reduction of anxiety and aggression, elimination of lethargic behavior, and a more regulated appetite. A variety of dog-friendly solutions with hemp exists, including hemp dog treats.


  • Essential Oils


A wide variety of essential oils are on the market and have long been known to produce positive effects in people. Many of these same oils can help dogs overcome common ailments as well. One example is peppermint, which can be used as a mood stimulant. Another essential oil known to help dogs is lavender, which will calm the senses and help reduce both anxiety and aggression. There are many different types of oils that can provide benefits, but be warned: some essential oils are downright dangerous for dogs. Always be sure to carefully research each specific oil before giving it to man’s best friend.


  • Yogurt


If your dog is suffering from digestive issues, then an all-natural solution may be yogurt. Much like in humans, select yogurts with probiotic potential can help improve overall digestive function and ease discomfort. As pets’ stomachs can become devoid of good bacteria over time due to diet and aging, there naturally needs to be some type of input that can restore the balance. Yogurts with probiotics such as acidophilus work best.

There are countless natural cures for various ailments and problems. When it comes to your pet, you want to make sure they’re able to enjoy long, healthy lives without discomfort. These natural treatments are just a few examples of items you can use to treat a variety of problems.



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