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Are You Happy In Your Career? Perhaps You Should Consider A Change

Do you feel happy in the career that you have chosen? Or was it a career you just “fell into” after leaving education. Thankfully there are many options for retraining in order to pursue a career that you are really interested in. Sometimes redundancy, although scary at the time can give you the option to completely change direction with your career. Maybe after having children you feel that you don’t want to return to your previous job following maternity leave. There are many career options out there, you just need to find out which one you would like to take.

Are You Happy In Your Career? Perhaps You Should Consider A Change

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Once you have found your career of choice, you can look at retraining options to gain the necessary qualifications and experience.

Where to start?

Firstly you need to evaluate yourself and really analyse how you envisage your future working life. Write down your current skills, whether they are from a previous career, hobbies, interests or family life. Which of these skills do you love and can you develop them into a possible career option? Ask yourself what your priorities are. Do you want a role with flexibility to accommodate family? Would you like to get satisfaction from your role by helping people in a career such as nursing? Do you utilise the skills you gained in your further education, perhaps you studied accounting and finance at university and would love to develop this further by studying a course such as the msc international finance distance learning. Adding to your current qualifications will enable you to take your career to the next level if you wish.  


Once you have decided which skills you would like to develop into your career choice, your next step is to research what careers are available. You may find that consulting the National Careers Service website may help. Read lots of job profiles and see if they appeal, if you were considering nursing as a career ensure you look at all the health care careers available. When you have narrowed down your career choice. Look at what qualifications you need. Have you already got them or do you need to look at retraining options? It maybe that you need experience in a particular field in order for employment opportunities to be open to you. Volunteering will help you gain experience and is usually greatly appreciated.   


Try not to just “carry on regardless” in your current career if you’re not happy. Small steps you take now will help you move nearer towards your dream career. It may be possible to retrain on an evening and keep your current job, retraining options may be available  either at a local education provider, private college or online. Ensure the qualifications are recognised in the area you wish to work. There may be funding options that you can take advantage of too.

Another way to change direction in your career is to start your own business. You could utilise any skills you have such as art, writing, flower arranging, home decorating, cake making to name a few. Perhaps you wish to start your own business in areas that you currently work, for example web design.

Whatever you choose be sure to know that there is plenty of support and advice available to make your dream a reality!   



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