Living Frugally: How To Get More For Less

Frugal is not a word that most people like. It conjures imagery of Scrooge, shivering, and soup made from leather. But that’s not the way it has to be. We know that sometimes the purse-strings have to be tightened and you have to get serious about making some savings. That doesn’t mean you have to live like a miser and say ‘no’ to all of life’s pleasures. This guide is here to help you pinch those pennies and stay happy all at once.

The important thing to do is know how to start saving right now. This doesn’t just mean counting the pennies you find. Take a good, hard look at your finances. It may be difficult to see just how much you may have splurged in the past, but it’s important to look closely. See what you can immediately cut out from the bills. Some subscriptions are less worth keeping than others. Start following blogs that can tell you how to find more savings on your bills, too.

You don’t have to buy new

Get used to the prospect of buying second-hand, if you haven’t already. Thrift chic and nostalgia are both big in the world at the moment, so that’s handy. Be willing to upcycle and furniture you come across, too. Even the bigger things can be bought for a lot less if you’re willing to go used. Car dealerships like Eastern Western can give you huge savings on great cars so trading in might be a way to get yourself some cash quick.

Health on the cheap

Health is an important aspect of everyone’s life and a lot of people think it’s impossible on a tightened budget. It’s true that there’s a smaller selection of good healthy foods but it’s not impossible. Plan your meals ahead and budget for the whole week. You should be able to fit all those greens in more easily like that. As for exercise, you don’t need to be paying those big gym bills to stay fit. There’s a lot of ways to stay healthy for free. Whether it’s making your own gym indoors or going out into the big bad world for your fitness kick.

Deliciously frugal

You might not be able to buy yourself the kind of ingredients you might usually be used to. Still, that doesn’t mean you’ll be eating gruel all-day, every-day. Start learning recipes that are both delicious and cheap. There are tons of great rice recipes and bulk buying rice isn’t expensive at all. Just take a different look at your diet and you won’t have too much pain making big savings.

Keep the fun

You might be saving, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut out everything you love. Be sure to keep some aside for whatever hobby you have. Even if you like a cheeky drink now and then, you can get yourself cheap, good wine with only a little hassle. Don’t let the fact you have to spend less make your life more miserable.