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10 Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Parents on a Budget

Are you planning a fun birthday party for kids while on a budget?

Planning a party for the kids can be a stressful task. You need to plan the perfect day for the celebrant to ensure they look forward to their future birthdays. Failing this will only cause them to lose the child-like wonder they have when celebrating their birthdays.

Planning the event will only become more stressful when you have a tight budget to stick to. The good news is that you don’t need a big budget to pull off these fun birthday party ideas.

These ideas will ensure that the party is a success while being light on the wallet. Read on and know how to throw a killer birthday party for the kids.

1. Escape the Room

If you can only accommodate a handful of your child’s friends, then this is the perfect activity for them. Escape the room activities are trending today because it challenges the participants to work together and think of a way out of the room.

What’s great about this idea is that there will never be a boring moment in the room. To ensure they won’t sit around, set a time limit and give them a prize if they can get out before it expires.

2. Feature Presentations

Kids nowadays don’t get to watch classic movies as you did as a kid. The Internet gives them too many things to do that they don’t have time to watch the classics. If there’s something you want to share and you know the kids would love, why not feature it during the birthday?

Movie night parties are great for 2 reasons. You can use the movie you picked out to be the theme of the birthday party. This saves you tons of stress in planning for a theme to make the party look entertaining.

Doing this also means that entertainment isn’t an issue anymore. You only need to ensure they will like the movie you’ll have them watch.

3. Space-Themed Parties

Space-themed parties are the best way to plan a party on a budget. Most of the funds for a party go to the entertainment and decorations. With a space-themed party, you only need cheap materials to make the decorations.

Dark-colored balloons and metallic shreds are all you need to complete the space theme. Silver and black are also great colors for a space-themed party.

It’s also easy to use this theme on the food. You can turn cookies into planets and the cake into the Earth this way.

4. A Day in the Arcade

One thing that didn’t die out with the drastic change in technology is the classic arcade. Arcades adapted to the times and incorporated new technologies and games to their establishments. This means that throwing an arcade party is still a good option for someone’s birthday.

This is the best option among the fun birthday party ideas if you know your child and his friends are into video games. Arcades are great places to hold parties, too, since most of them offer special birthday packages. All you need to do is talk to the owner well before the event to secure the date.

5. Camp Outs and Barbecues

Having trouble securing a venue within your budget? You can save yourself the trouble of looking around and camp out instead. There’s no better venue than the outdoors where you can feel nature all around you.

Food won’t become an issue this way, too, since it’s easy to think of food items to go with the camping theme. Smores, hotdogs, and burgers are all good items, and you can get them for a good price. You can also prepare some meat for a barbecue for their dinner at night.

Huddling around a campfire while cooking their food will help the children bond. It’s also a great way to get them talking to each other about their interests and passions.

6. Scavenger Hunts

If you’re running out of ideas for activities, then going for a scavenger hunt is always a good idea. This can keep them occupied while you prepare for the other parts of the day. What’s great is that you can have the children look for everyday items around the house.

This means you need not spend on anything else besides the food and decorations for the party. It is a great way to save money and ensure the children stay out of your way for the duration of the hunt.

7. Arts and Crafts Tables

Don’t have enough to spend on party favors? Have the kids make their party favors to bring home instead!

An arts-and-crafts table is a perfect way to give them self-made party favors and a fun activity to do at the same time. You only need to provide the raw materials for them to make a souvenir from the party. You must also guide them so they make the same thing from the materials you provide.

A highlight of any party is its decoration. You can buy balloon center pieces to decorate, but don’t just use them as decorations. Buy balloons and get the kids to create mini versions of these balloon center pieces. They will certainly have a lot of fun trying.

8. Photo Booths

Having a photo booth is one way to get a picture-perfect party on a budget. These booths ensure everyone has something to take home to remember the event.

Since kids love taking wacky pictures, include wacky wigs, hats, and other accessories. This ensures that the kids will have tons of fun trying different combinations. Doing this leads to them having a fun time with their friends because of a simple booth.

9. Dance Parties

Kids attending a birthday are the most energetic people in the world. To help them burn the energy, throw a dance party for them.

Put the speakers on blast and play a good song to dance to. You can also make the dance party interesting by making it a freeze game. Stop the song whenever you want and instruct the kids to freeze while you pause the song.

10. Birthday Bubble Party

What kid doesn’t have an interest in bubbles? They’re a whimsical element in any party and can entertain anybody for a while. You can also use bubbles as the main entertainment element for the party.

Bubble parties are always a great option if you’re on a budget. Soap, water, and blowers are all you need to provide entertainment. Kids will have a great time blowing bubbles, and it makes for great photos, too.

Try These Fun Birthday Party Ideas Today!

Need to come up with fun birthday party ideas now? Check out our list and throw the perfect party for your kids today!

Want to plan the perfect party for your child? Don’t panic if you feel a little overwhelmed. We have tons of more guides for you to check out and learn from right here!

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