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3 Reasons To Go All Out For Adult Birthdays

3 Reasons To Go All Out For Adult Birthdays


When we’re younger, our birthday is the best day of the year. We used to look forward to it for months on end, counting down to the most exciting day we could imagine. Then the day after, we’d begin another countdown until the next birthday. It’s fair to say that birthdays as a kid were the absolute best.

As an adult, though? Not so much.

For one thing, some people tend to like to avoid their birthday as they don’t want their age to be known. Others might just not feel they have time, or that anyone cares enough to want to go out to celebrate the anniversary of their birth. It’s a shame, really… but maybe it’s not something we just have to regret. Maybe it’s time to reclaim birthdays for adults, too. We could all use a bit more jollity in the world – right?

If you need further persuading to make birthdays a big thing for you and the adults in your life, then look no further. You’ll be back to counting down to your birthday by the end of this list.

1) Life Is Boring

Well, it is. It’s wonderful; the delights of life, of raising children, of making a difference… but it also has a tendency to be much the same. That’s one of the reasons that time seems to speed up as we get older; because much of what we do is just things we have done before. So why not seize the chance to make a splash and create a new memory point, something truly special and unique? It could be just the shake-up that you need.

2) Birthday Parties Are Surprisingly Fun

When was the last time you went to a proper birthday party? Not a brunch, or a meal out – a party, where the soul purpose was to have fun, take silly photos, give gifts, and do nothing but have a good time? It’s probably been awhile, especially if you’ve spent the last few years raising kids.

However, parties are pretty easy to organize compared to the average family holiday. You need somewhere to host, a few nibbles, some music, and modern touches like ensuring you get birthday geofilters for Snapchat so you’re going to be able to remember the evening in fine detail. Then off you go – a good time had by all, blowing away the cobwebs of being a grown up the rest of the time.

3) It’s A Day Just For One Person

As we grow up, we do celebrate one another, but we tend to do it in groups – a marriage, an engagement, a new baby, even events like Christmas tend to be group themed. A birthday, however, is just about one person. One moment to lavish attention on someone and celebrate all that makes them great. It can be a valuable time to catch up on friendships, renew bonds between people, and make someone feel that they are loved, valued and appreciated.

So, could you be convinced? Rather than letting birthdays slide by, you make them a feature of the calendar? It might just be worth considering.