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Pest Control

4 Most Common Reasons That People Have a Pest Infestation

Most people who find themselves with a pest infestation are surprised to find that it’s happened in the first place. A common misconception is that pests only arrive in houses that are severely dirty, or in old houses like the movies. However, in some cases, pests appear regardless of how clean your house is. 

Cleanliness may not always have to do with the pests that you attract. The best way to guard yourself against unwelcome pests is to know the most common reasons why they appear in the first place. Take a look at some of the many reasons why you may require the services of a company like Aptive Pest Control.

 Trees Touching Your Windows 

 If you have windows that are placed closely to tree branches, there are many different sorts of pests that could access your home by climbing through. Tree branches are basically a bridge between the outdoors and your home. 

Therefore, it’s ideal to cut back any branches or trees that are too close to the side of your home. In some cases, you may even decide to cut the tree altogether if pests are frequently finding their way in. 

 Holes and Gaps 

 Sometimes you’d be shocked by how well certain critters can make their way into your house through the smallest of cracks. Even though you may look at something small and assume that it insect or rodent could never get through, the truth is they often can.  

Ideally, you should make sure that any gaps or cracks are sealed off completely. Doing so will ensure that even the sneakiest pests stay out of your home. 

 There Are Holes In Your Cupboards 

 You are playing with danger if your cupboards where your food is stored are not properly sealed off.  Keeping your food in cupboards where pests can smell the food that’s inside is asking for them to come in. 

Pests want to eat just as much as you do, so if they see an area with food in it, then it won’t be long until they make their way in for a meal. 

 If you’re unsure whether there is a pest problem where your food is kept, take a look at whether you see tiny bite marks or crumbs surrounding your food packages. If you do, it’s most certainly time to seal off your cupboards and call a pest control specialist.  


A pile of firewood is like a vacancy sign for pests looking for a place to live.   If you have a pile of firewood against your house, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll have some sort of insect or animal inside. 

Make sure that you have all of your firewood stored far away from the house. The closer the pile is to your home, the more likely that pests will make their way in.