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4 tips for a spring reset

The sun is shining, birds are singing and flowers are blooming! This all points to springtime in Georgia – and I’m so excited that it is finally here (well, the start of it – I am sure we will still get some cold days sprinkled in there). Springtime brings with it the promise of rebirth and renewal. As the world reawakens and springs into life around you, it’s a great time to do some internal self-care, brush off your own cobwebs, push out accumulated junk from the winter and get yourself ready for the energy of summer. If you are interested in doing a spring reset for yourself, here are a few tips to get you ready for this next season-

Spring clean your home

4 tips for a spring reset

Typical, I know, I know, but spring cleaning your home is an important part of a reset. I bet you have a lot of “junk” sitting around. If so, spruce up your areas and get it back into shape. The good news? You don’t have to do it all at once. Start small. If you set out to clean the whole house top to bottom in one day, you’re inevitably going to get overwhelmed. Start with something manageable, like organizing a set of drawers for example, when you have a little bit of free time. (Trying to organize when you’re in the middle of completing five other tasks will likely lead to even more stress). After you get things in shape, be consistent going forward. Consistently performing small organizational tasks, such as filing bills as you pay them or cleaning dishes as you use them, will not only become a habit but can make a big difference over time. When you let even the smallest of tasks go, they accumulate until eventually, they turn into a big job that overwhelms you. You can avoid this by developing better habits!

Make sure your car is in tip-top shape

4 tips for a spring reset

More often than not, most of us are not taking road trips in the winter (correct me if I’m wrong!). With that being said, before you take any road trips this spring or summer, make sure your car is in great shape. Take it for a spin and see how it’s running. Clean it out. Then, take it in to be serviced. MBT OF ATLANTA Mercedes Master Techs specializes in Mercedes cars. This means that they will know more and do better work compared to other businesses that work on ALL car types. MBT of Atlanta only works on Mercedes, so they are very familiar with their specific needs, which is always a great thing. Plus, their services are top-notch and very affordable! They say, “Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to diagnose and repair your Mercedes Benz? With Mercedes Benz Techs of Atlanta, you get highly professional Mercedes technicians that provide an outstanding service at an affordable rate backed up by our unsurpassed guarantee. We are trained not only to replace parts but rather to diagnose the source of the fault and repair it right the first time using our STAR Diagnostics tool. All of our work comes with a full labor and parts unconditional warranty. If for whatever reason the part fails you can bring it back for a replacement at no cost to you, no questions asked.” They do it all – engine work, basic maintenance, and even Mercedes Windshield Repair in Atlanta Georgia.

4 tips for a spring reset

Commit to moving your body each day

Commit to moving for at least 30 minutes a day.  We can often find ourselves getting more sedentary during the winter months, and spring is a great time to get our movement levels back up again. This can be as simple as taking a brisk 30-minute walk. Just find any movement that you enjoy! For example, perhaps you enjoy dance, feel inclined to take an ashtanga yoga class, practice martial arts, or jump rope in your garden. Anything that gets you moving! Mix it up! Exercise improves overall wellbeing, as well as a plethora of health conditions, not to mention moves your blood and lymph, and gets you sweaty, all of which help with detoxification and elimination. As you are exercising more, you probably need to be increasing your water intake too! Make sure you’re staying hydrated by drinking enough water – it is so important! Opt for filtered or spring water, to make sure it is free of contaminants. Making sure you’re drinking enough is especially important when you are taking liver-supportive herbs, as you want to be sure that you are eliminating properly, and the kidneys/urinary tract are one of the primary organs of elimination. Additionally, optimal hydration is necessary for proper bowel function, another primary organ of elimination.

 4 tips for a spring reset

Reconnect with others

It is not uncommon to go into hibernation mode in the winter. Because it takes more effort (and layers) to go out, you may find yourself spending more time watching Netflix than engaging in meaningful conversation with those you care about. Make an effort to get out and reconnect with society. Meet a friend for dinner. Read a book at your regular coffeehouse. Reacquaint yourself with the world around you.

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