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Getting Your Car Summer-Ready In Dubai

Just like on humans, extreme weather takes its toll on cars. If not dealt with, the result is either a partial system halt or a complete auto breakdown.

Dubai is warm all year round. For car owners, the weather is very hot during summer, with the temperature climbing up above 43°C (109°F). Thus, your car is exposed to intense heat and direct UV sun rays. 

From the car battery to the cooling system, tires, and the overall engine performance, the effect of extreme heat on your vehicle is usually unfavorable.

Driving on hot pavements also poses a significant threat to your car system. The threat becomes heightened when you share the road with other vehicles. 

Fortunately, there are maintenance tips to take care of your car components during summer. To make sure your car runs smoothly during summer, you want to take note of the following;

Check Your Tyres Pressure Regularly

According to RMA, car tire pressure increases with increasing temperature at approximately 1-2 pounds per square inch for every 10-degree rise in temperature. In such conditions, which mostly occur during summer, an overinflated or underinflated tire can easily result in a tire blowout. 

Maintaining proper air pressure can prevent tire blowout. Check your tire pressure regularly to be sure you are not over or under inflated. If you are not sure what the proper inflation level is, check your vehicle manual or inside your door jamb (for most cars). A fortnight or more regular check is ideal if you are the type that travels a lot. You can visit a well-known Spare Auto Parts Dubai dealer to purchase a hand pressure gauge or make sure to check every time you visit the petrol pump.

Tires are made with synthetic and natural rubbers. Exposure to heat has a degrading effect on them. Couple with the hot asphalt pavement you drive on, your tires are bound to suffer significant wear and tear over time. If your tire is already old, you might want to visit the…. to get them replaced before your summer adventure.

Car Battery Maintenance

Summer is a hard grind for your car battery. The workload increases due to the extreme heat that summer brings. Your battery is in constant power delivering mode. It powers the fans to windows and the air conditioning system. It’s important to stay on top of your car battery maintenance to prevent unnecessary breakdowns. 

Hot weather on its own can damage your car battery. It speeds up the chemical reactions in the battery, making it difficult for the battery to hold charges and produce enough power. Hot weather also makes the battery fluid evaporate faster, thereby accelerating corrosion on the battery terminals and clamps. 

The best approach to keep your battery healthy is to get it serviced before summer kicks in. Wipe off the terminals regularly if you see corrosion build up. Make sure the clamps fit tightly. Secure the battery in place to reduce vibration. 

Top Up Car Oil And fluids

Humans drink more water in summer to stay hydrated. It’s a no-brainer. Cars rely on several fluids to stay cool as well. 

In summer, the rate of evaporation of car fluids increases. You should keep an eye on the car fluids to enable your car to function properly. A low fluid level causes overheating and ultimately affects your car engine. 

Your motor oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid, and windshield wiper fluid need to be filled to the proper level. Open the hood of your vehicle to check the fluid level. Ensure that none of the fluids has dropped below the recommended level. If you aren’t sure, you can consult an auto repair specialist.

Another fluid inside your car engine is the coolant or antifreeze. Low coolant level is a common situation in hot summers. It leads to high temperature in the engine, and can quickly cause your car to break down. 

Always make sure your coolant level is adequate by checking your car overflow reservoir. The rule of thumb during summertime is to fill your fluid reservoir with a mixture of water and antifreeze at equal proportion. 

Car Air Conditioning System

Driving in the heart of Dubai on a summer afternoon can be a hot mess. To save yourself from this harsh weather, make sure your car AC is functioning well. 

Besides, cold air improves the performance of your car engine because it’s denser than hot air. This allows your car to maintain a higher horsepower. 

One easy way to get started with AC maintenance is blasting your AC. Crank up the system to see if the air flows without restriction or blockage. Verify if it reaches the maximum temperature. The leading cause of air conditioning system failure is the low level of refrigerant. Be sure to refill and always keep it level.

In case of restricted airflow, replacing your cabin air filter can be the solution. If you noticed anything unusual about your car air conditioning system, reach out to an auto care specialist.

Park In The Shade

If you make your car stay under direct sunlight throughout the summer season, it’s time to rethink such an act. The effect of sun rays on both the interior and the exterior of your vehicle is not very friendly.

Because of heat, components such as airbags, belts, and hoses, are susceptible to leaks, cracks, and breakage. Extreme heat leads to blistering and cracking in hoses and belts, posing the risk of breakdown

Direct sunlight also heats your car’s cabin, making it uncomfortable for you. That’s not all, a prolonged exposure to UV rays from sunlight puts your cabin seat and dashboard at high risk of drying and cracking.

Sheltering your car from direct sun rays can help extend the life expectancy of these components. Always try to park in the shade, cover with a canopy or even use a garage. 

Over time, UV rays rip off the paint on your car. Consider using a wax polish during summer to protect the paint.


Dubai is hot during summer. Not only for your liking but for your car’s. As you employ protective measures to cope with the weather, don’t forget to do the same for your vehicle. Else, a heavy repair bill awaits you.