5 Tips for Bringing the Spark Back into Your Relationship

Relationships can grow stale as life gets busy and time for each other dwindles. It is important to make time for each other, laugh and smile often to keep a relationship healthy and interesting. Be spontaneous sometimes, it’ll keep your partner guessing.

Plan a Date Night

Even if you’ve been married for 20 years, you still need to have date nights every now and then. This is especially important for new parents. You spend so much time focusing on parenting that you forget about each other.

Plan something fun and ask a friend or family member to watch the kids. Go to your favorite restaurant
or take part in an activity that you both enjoy. Some time alone together can do wonders for your dulling relationship.

Take a Weekend Trip

Sometimes you just need a temporary change of scenery, without children and friends/family stopping over unannounced. Consider a bed and breakfast, or rent a cottage/cabin for a weekend. Leave your computers at home and just focus on each other. Plan some activities, and of course, some time for romance later in the evening.

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Recreate your First Date

Consider recreating your first date. It will start a reminiscent journey of your time together. You should laugh and remember feeling awkward on your first date. Remember the nerves and excitement that you felt. Going back to where your journey together started will help you both remember why you chose too on it together and can help bring that lost spark back.

Try Something New

Try a new activity together. Challenging yourselves as a couple is a good idea. If you both have different interests, consider trading off and taking part in an activity of the other’s liking. It will give you a better look of their personality and may teach you something new. The activity may be enjoyed by both of you and become a regular part of your lives.

Cook Together

Cooking together can be very romantic. There is something about food, and cooking that brings people together. Taste everything together, make adjustments together and have fun making the meal. Try something you’d normally order in a restaurant and follow the recipe carefully. To make it a little more fun, put your own spins on recipes and really make them your own. Cooking together should be done regularly as it can lead to a very romantic evening later.

Couples tend to lose sight of each other and the relationship as time goes on. People become comfortable with their relationship situation, which in turn, can become boring. Keep your partner guessing. Keep life interesting. Without spontaneity, interest can be lost completely. When a problem arises, work on it together, without arguing and do something unexpected that is fun.