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6 Moving Tips for a Painless and Stress-Free Move

With 10% of Americans moving every year, it’s a day most of us face — but also one most of us dread.

Moving day has the potential to go very wrong. Packing up every possession you own as well as kids and pets can be a daunting task, and it’s hard not to become anxious over every potential bad possibility.

Fear not — as long as you’re prepared, you shouldn’t have to worry.

Make sure everything’s in order when the day comes and follow these moving tips you may not have thought were important, and moving day is guaranteed to go smoothly! All of your worries will have been for nothing.

1. Label Every Box

When packing, you might be tempted to take shortcuts. Packing up your whole life can take a long time, after all.

However, it’s important to stop and label every box after you’ve packed it. Your future self will only thank you as you reach the new house and boxes are in the right room, ready for things to be taken out and start their new life.

2. Have a Moving Day Kit Ready

One of the most important packing tips for moving is to set aside a day kit — just in case your possessions are delayed in transit, or aren’t picked up on time.

Keep any medication you might take, snack bars, water, chargers, and fresh underwear. That way you’ll be set even if the delay is overnight.

Although most people’s things aren’t delayed, you never know, and it’s important to be prepared.

3. Protect Anything Valuable

Make sure anything valuable is packed properly. Writing ‘fragile’ on the box may not be enough — someone moving a box may not see it, or might drop it in a terrible accident.

By having your valuable objects packed with bubble wrap and packing paper, you don’t have to worry about that.

4. Hire Professional Movers

Although it’s possible to move everything yourself, professional movers are invaluable. They’ve been doing this for a long tip and they know how to do it with efficiency, reliability, and safety.

One of the best moving company tips you could receive is to look at reviews, ask for recommendations, and pick someone you trust. Not having to move all of your heavy things yourself will take so much of the stress out of moving day.

5. Be Ready For Them

When your movers arrive, be ready for them! Show them where everything is and have it all picked up so everything can run on time. That way, you’re less likely to experience delays or problems.

6. Triple Check Documents

When it comes to long-distance moving tips especially, you want to make sure you have all the documents you need. School and medical records might be needed if moving between states, or even immigration documents for between countries!

Make sure these things are secured in a folder and ideally kept with you at all times.

These Moving Tips Are All You Need for Plain Sailing!

Moving day is dreaded by many but with these moving tips, you have everything you need to ensure the day goes smoothly. Be prepared, hire some awesome professional movers, and have a back-up kit in case anything goes wrong! If you have any questions about moving interstate to melbourne, our team is ready help.

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