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7 Effective Approaches To Discover Your Hidden Talent

“We all have hidden talents waiting to be discovered.” -Delue Palmer. 

Some people have artistic skills- good at dancing, singing, or painting. Others have soft skills- ensure effective communication and teamwork. People who are well-versed with their talent put consistent efforts to improve it. They also use everyday occasions to celebrate and showcase their ability. 

But, what about those people who are still not aware of their talents? You might also be wondering the same as you are reading this article. 

First off, you need to understand that every person possesses one or more talents. You simply haven’t identified your skills as of yet. Thus, we’ll discuss a few ways to help you determine your hidden talent.  

Having said that, let’s get started! 

  • Take A Life Assessment Quiz.

A life assessment quiz is an effective way to learn about your hidden potential. The questions contained in the quiz will help you understand your perspective on different aspects of life. As there is no one size fits all approach in these quizzes, the results tend to be pretty accurate. You’ll also get to know the topics or fields you are interested in, what you are more motivated about, and which category you belong to. 

Apart from life assessment quizzes, you can also take personality tests. Once you get to learn a bit about yourself, you can begin working on your strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Pay Attention To The Moments That Give You a Sense Of Ease

Have you ever felt confident about a certain topic? Have you ever had those scenarios where you felt at ease? Have you ever felt capable of accomplishing a given task? If your answer is yes, weigh up the exact moment you feel at ease. By doing so, the chances are you’ll identify your hidden skills. 

In simple terms, pay attention to the moments when you feel confident and fearless and work hard to create similar opportunities. 

For instance, if you are good at handling kids, you should volunteer for babysitting or orphanage volunteer programs. Similarly, if you are good at singing, don’t hesitate to participate in school clubs or programs. Give an opportunity to your abilities to flourish. 

  • Find What You Spend Money On. 

Another way to discover your skills is by giving close and thoughtful attention to the product or services you spend your money on. People tend to spend their earnings on the things they love and care about. For instance, if you are committed to a healthy lifestyle, you might be spending most of your money on gym/yoga, healthy food, and exercising equipment. 

But how can you discover your skills by paying attention to your expenses? 

If we continue the above example- being committed to a healthy lifestyle requires discipline, time management, and decision-making ability. It also implies that you are efficient and productive. Those who lack these qualities often fall back from accomplishing their goals. 

So, pay close attention to where your money goes and associate it with your hidden abilities. 

  • Ask Your Family And Friends What Your Qualities Are

When you spend time with your family and friends, they begin to notice your personality and habits. And, if you ask them, they will surely help you realize something new about yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable asking them directly, pay attention to things you get compliments or suggestions for. 

For instance, they might complement your singing during karaoke or carpool. Or, they might urge you to learn to sing in order to enhance your skills. There is a possibility that you haven’t paid attention to your singing because you are used to it. Thus, the thought of becoming a performer never crossed your mind. 

You can also use the perspective of your family and friends to work on your abilities. Ask for their opinion once in a while to check whether their opinion has changed or you have improved. 

  • Start Writing A Journal

Did you know writing a journal promotes self-discovery and self-improvement? Pouring your thoughts on a blank sheet of paper every morning helps organize your thoughts and understand your inner talent scout. It improves consciousness, thus allowing you to get answers to the questions often bothering you. 

It is noteworthy that you might not see effective results just in the beginning. However, slowly and steadily, you’ll start to notice a pattern. On focusing on this pattern, you’ll see that most of your thoughts circle back to one main idea. Typically, this idea is your desire or skill. 

You can also use your thoughts to learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Create new goals aligned with your strengths and work to achieve them. 

  • Get Inspired By Other People

Sometimes, you learn about your abilities by getting inspired by other’s talents. Your conscious mind suddenly sparks, making you realize that you are good at something. Or, it might take some weeks of consistent searching to find something you genuinely care about. Nonetheless, you must never cease looking for inspiration. 


In fact, just like feeling inspiration, you can also use jealousy to your advantage. Yes, you read it correctly! If you feel envious about something (don’t worry, every person feels so at one point in their lives), think about why you feel this way. Seek an answer, and look for opportunities to improve yourself.

  • Remember What You Have Been Thanked For

Human behavior is to thank each other for helping out. For a helper, it might not feel like a big deal. However, it probably holds a significant place from a receiver’s perspective. It showcases the behavior and skills of helpers. 

Thus, in order to discover your abilities, notice what you have been thanked for? Are you a good teacher? Are you good at motivating others? Are you good at listening? All these things might seem small, but these are essential for self-awareness. 

To Sum It All Up!

Discovering your talent is one of the ways of self-discovery and improvement. It further helps in boosting self-confidence. So, if you haven’t discovered your talent, try the tips given above. Once found, don’t shy away from seeking professional assistance to improve your skills. 

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