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Time Is Precious, Here’s How to Make More of It

Time can be considered one of the most valuable resources available to us. It’s something that we always run out of and can hardly control. Whether you’re a busy office worker or someone that struggles to stay focused and ends up wasting a lot of time procrastinating, here are a couple of ways to make more time for yourself during the day.

Identify Lost Time

If you’ve ever looked at your watch or your computer clock and asked yourself “Where did all the time go?” you need to take a step back and identify why you’re losing so much time. The truth is that you’re not really losing time, just wasting it and certain activities like binging on YouTube videos or playing video games can make time fly because you’re having a lot of fun. If you feel like these activities are eating into your time, then you may need to develop some self-control so that you don’t procrastinate as much. While these activities are a lot of fun and a great way to keep yourself occupied, there’s no other choice than to control your urges and cut down on procrastinating if you want to be more productive.

Understand Time is Money

It’s hard not to stress this point. Your time is worth money and as such, you need to start thinking about things in terms of how much time you’re willing to spend on certain tasks and how much you’d be willing to pay in order to get someone to do them for you. A good example would be doing house cleaning. If you’ve got a large home that houses five people, then there’s a good chance that you simply don’t have the time to clean it up all yourself especially if you neglect it now and then. Even if you do spend an hour each day cleaning up after your children and maintaining the home, it will eventually become a bother that uses too much of your time. Compare it to the costs of hiring a maid and you might find that the time and effort you spend can easily be replaced with money by hiring a professional cleaner.

Prioritizing Your Time

If you feel like you’ve made as much time as possible by cutting out unnecessary tasks and halting your procrastination, then you might need to take the next step and start prioritizing your time instead. For instance, if you’re in need of a career change then a large chunk of your time should be spent on investing in a new degree, looking for career opportunities, and networking with people in order to build a new resume. During this time, much of your day should be spent on progressing your career and you’ll need to re-prioritize what your daily tasks are. This can help you spend more time on the things that are important to you, and it will help you end the day feeling like you’ve accomplished something instead of feeling like you’ve wasted your time doing all the wrong things.

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