7 Incredible Creative Ways To Decorate Your Garden
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7 Incredible Creative Ways To Decorate Your Garden

Gardening is not something only women do. Perhaps the most famous gardener in the world is Prince Charles. He has been one of the most ardent promoters of gardening for the past 50 years and works on the preservation of antique gardens all over the UK.

Even though the gardening has its roots in prehistoric times, the first written text Ten Books of Architecture on landscaping, engineering and theory of park and square designs is from 27 BC.  Its author Vitruvius was a Roman engineer believing in three objectives of design: firmitas, utilitas and venustas, or durability, commodity and beauty respectively. Many landscape architectures and designers uphold these standards today and consider them as key aspects of landscaping.

Modern gardening is a profession, a hobby, a therapy. It is not only about plants and cultivating them, but rather pays attention to the overall design and inhabitants of the homestead. However, from time to time, gardens need some new style, decoration or item to freshen up the overall design, or even one of Gilmour’s water timers to make life easier.  Maybe you’ll find inspiration in some creative and inspiring ways the gardeners used to decorate their gardens.

  • Add stone pathways

It doesn’t matter how big your garden is, there is always room for a stone pathway. You can use them as dividers for the garden, or simply create one to lead the guests from the gate to the front door. The stones you use can vary in size and shape, and you can even paint them in desired colours to add more panache.

Some creative ideas include creating a stepping stone pathway and painting colourful flowers, patterns or animals on them. If you have enough patience, you can position the pebbles in a circle and create an interesting spiral walkway.

  • Create a Waterfall

Fountains are usually easier and more practical, but sometimes they are just not enough. If you have a big garden, then it’s about time you used that space for a big project like the waterfall. This will be a beautiful detail and the sound of water will add a peaceful ambience to your home.

Depending on the climate, you can even build a little pond adjoined to it, and decorate it with lily pads and keep fish in there. You can build several cascades or just one, it all depends on the overall design and resources at your disposal, primarily money.

  • Zen garden

Zen gardens are popular because they offer not only soothing ambience but also are interactive. You can create the design with the sand and rake, but place it underneath a pergola or awning to protect it from the rain. Small bridge over the artificial creek is romantic and decorative. Add some rocks and Japanese maples to create the complete Asian feel. It may cost some extra to have it all, but it is well worth it if you want to take gardening to the next level. Ground-hugging junipers will perfectly match with the stone environment and give you enough gardening work all year around.

  • Play with lights

Garden lighting is a special part of landscaping completely dedicated to highlight certain places and set the theme. If you want a fairy look, you will use small yellow LED lights along the pathways and on the trees. For more romantic ambience, add a few lanterns on the branches. You can use red and orange to create the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  

Probably the most energy efficient way would be to install stylish solar lamps and don’t worry about the electrical bill or possible surges. Today, there are so many amazing designs, which can fit anybody’s taste and gardens.  

  • Add some Bohemian style

Bohemian style is all about being unconventional and artistic at the same time. Boho is a perfect décor to add some flair. You can add small details like candles on the coffee table in the oriental candlesticks, or decorative pillow in flower patterns and vivid colours.

Certainly, a real bohemian treat would be a wooden bench under the baldachin made of thin fabric with small flowery motifs. You can let vines grow around the arch above the lavish ottoman surrounded by the potted flowers.

Leave the long hose reels besides the plants, instead of hiding it, or place carpets on the ground. Usually, these examples would be excluded from the design. However, when it comes to Bohemian style, you have to combine naturally with artificial materials. This will allow you to create the liberation of forms and yet achieve the casual order.  

  • Wildflower meadow

Many professional gardeners will tell you the horrifying facts about the status of bees and overall natural pollination of plants. These two are important elements of biodiversity and preservation of animal species, which directly and indirectly depend on the sustainable gardening.

Wildflowers are part of that system since they help keep the bee numbers in check and are a food source to many animals, like birds for example. The also process carbon dioxide and participate in creating oxygen and improving the air quality.  

Adding some wildflowers to the mix, or dedicating a whole garden to them will not only look beautiful but also be useful for the protection of the environment.  

  • Home for the birds

British Trust for Ornithology warned that repairs and renovations of gardens lead to destroying the natural nests of birds. Common swift is the bird seeking man-made shelter for centuries, but since 1995, their numbers started to decline in Britain by staggering 47%.

This is the case all over the world, and that is why birdhouses must replace the natural habitats destroyed in the construction works or remodelling of yards. Birds eat insects and therefore they will help contain the pest problem in your garden.

You can buy pre-fabricated birdhouses, or you can build your own from scratch. These are not only beneficial for the bird and pest regulation but can easily fit the landscaping design and even serve as decoration.  

Final thoughts

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, and don’t forget to at least once a day sit in your garden and take in all the work you accomplished. Whether you turn it all into one big DIY project or hire professionals, your garden will always be your special place to shelter you from the world. So love it, cherish it and from time to time change a detail here and there to keep it interesting and creative.

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