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7 Things to Do in St Joseph Missouri

Missouri attracts over 42 million visitors every year, many of whom travel cross-country to explore this fantastic state.

The “Show Me State” is renowned for its deep musical history (hello, jazz!), incredible scenery, and unforgettable barbecues. Perhaps you’ve been desperate to explore St Joseph for a while, but you’re unsure what to add to your itinerary.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven great things to do at St Joseph, Missouri.

1. Robidoux Row Museum

One of the top things to do in St Joseph is visiting the Robidoux Row Museum. Here, you can learn about the area’s earliest settlers as you’ll walk around the housing units built by Joseph Robidoux, the founder of the city.

Know that this museum is open from Wednesday through Saturday, so make sure you bring your family along for an educational afternoon.

2. Missouri Theater

Once you’ve dined in one of the many St Joseph restaurants, spend an evening at the Missouri theater. You can catch an array of entertainment, whether it’s a dramatic play or a jazz musical.

Not to mention, the Missouri theater is arguably the most captivating architectural landmark in St Joseph.

3. Pony Express Museum

On your “St Joseph activities” list, add a trip to the Pony Express Museum. Visitors will lose themselves in the 60-foot diorama that invites you to explore the diverse terrain explored by the Pony Express riders in the 1800s. There are plenty of exhibits and interactive displays to keep you engaged.

4. Krug Park

There’s no better place to unwind than Krug Park. You’ll find this green oasis at the northern edge of Parkway Street, and there are age-friendly amenities for the family. And with a staggering 163 acres, it’s a great area for a stroll where you can enjoy the rose gardens.

5. Jesse James Home Museum

A trip to St Joseph, MO isn’t complete without visiting the Jesse James Home Museum. This is where you can learn everything about America’s most famous outlaw.

This museum is on the US National Register of Historic Places, so it’s a must-see.

6. Wyeth Tootle Mansion

St Joseph is known for its huge mansions. Because of this, a visit to Wyeth Tootle Mansion shouldn’t go amiss. You can check out its forty rooms, tower, and incredible hand-painted ceilings.

7. Patee House Museum

Built-in 1868, the Patee House museum is filled with history. It’s also family-friendly, so kids can enjoy its educational exhibitions.

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Visit St Joseph Missouri Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know how what to check out in St Joseph, Missouri.

There are many museums that you must check out, whether it’s learning about Jesse James or the Pony Express. You should also unwind at Krug Park and enjoy an evening at the Missouri theater. Happy traveling!

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