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5 Important Things to Consider Before Moving to Canada

Did you know that immigrants make up for 33% of all business owners? Canada is a country of many opportunities and success stories. But, if you are looking at moving to Canada, there are some things you should know first.

Keep reading for the 5 most important things to consider before making the move to Canada!

1. Canada Housing Market

The Canadian housing market and cost of living can vary greatly with certain areas. For example, Toronto and Vancouver are two of the most expensive cities to live in. This is because of the many job opportunities in both of these cities.

Canada is a large country, so a long commute to work is not out of the ordinary. Since COVID, the housing market has skyrocketed. Fortunately, the market is slowly calming down. However, if you don’t mind the commute, look at living outside the city instead.

For example, if you find a job in Vancouver, take a look at these houses for sale. Langley, BC, is one of the most sought-after communities and is an excellent place to live in Canada. You can experience the small-town feel, have a city in the near vicinity, and enjoy the lower cost of living.

The best way to determine where you can buy a home is to calculate your cost of living before moving to Canada.

2. Canada Credit-Based Economy

Canada has a credit-based economy. This means that if you wish to buy a cellphone, a car, or a house via a loan, you will need to have good credit.

Start by applying for a credit card. It is the first step to increase your credit score. A popular saying in Canada is that bad credit is better than no credit. So, start building your credit immediately from the moment you enter the country.

3. Canada Healthcare Services

Canadian health care is paid through taxes. However, not everything is covered by the healthcare system. The basics of healthcare are covered, such as visits to the doctor, hospital, medication administrated at the hospital, and the provincial health insurance covers more.

However, items such as prescription medication, ambulances, dental, eye care, and special health equipment are not covered. You can apply for private health insurance. Alternatively, many jobs will offer benefits that cover you and your family of these extra expenses.

4. Canada Weather

Canadian weather is no joke. It varies from area to area, but you should prepare yourself for harsh weather conditions.

Depending on your chosen location, you can expect ice storms, blizzards, drought, extreme heat, and sometimes the tail end of a hurricane.

The country and the local governments are well prepared for each of these extreme conditions, and they are not a regular occurrence. However, you should be aware of the weather and prepare your house, clothing, and car for bad weather.

5. Canada Social Norms

Canadians are known to have a polite society. Keep in mind that many people will expect a “please and thank you.”

A common stereotype of Canadians is that they say the word “sorry.” So don’t be surprised to receive many apologies during the day.

Are You Thinking of Moving to Canada?

If you are thinking of moving to Canada, keep in mind these important things. Canada is a beautiful country and is open to everyone. The chances of your success and happiness are high.

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