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These Exciting Cars Are The Perfect Weekend Drivers

Like any sensible parent, you bought a nice and comfortable family car. It’s got no bells and whistles – and certainly isn’t designed to excite. Still, it gets you and your kids from A to B without any safety concerns

What more could you want out of a daily driver? Nothing – but what about your weekend driver? When the kids don’t need lifts and you can go out for a long drive on your own, why don’t you get an exciting second car? It can be a fun hobby, especially when your children grow up and you’re looking for things to do on the weekend. 

If this sounds like a fun idea, here are three exciting cars that are perfect weekend drivers: 

Sports Cars

Sports cars are easy to spot as they pass you in a blur with the roaring sound of an engine trailing off into the distance. They provide so many thrills for drivers and could be perfect for your weekend hobby drives. 

The used car market is full of amazing sports cars these days, including a massive choice of Porsches, Audis and even Ferraris. Depending on your budget, you could go up into the supercar range – but things get super expensive here! Pick up something fabulous like a McLaren and take it out on the motorway for long weekend drives – or bring it to a track for some speedy fun. 

These Exciting Cars Are The Perfect Weekend Drivers

Muscle Cars

The muscle car was made popular in America and has spread around the world. It features big cars with huge engines capable of producing loads of power. They’re fast in a straight line and make a lot of noise. 

Dodge is the most renowned maker of muscle cars and you can find American Dodge cars throughout the UK these days. The boxy style of these vehicles makes them stand out and you can bet most people will hear you coming from a while away! They also look stunning on your driveway, so even when you don’t drive it your muscle car will turn heads. 

These Exciting Cars Are The Perfect Weekend Drivers


Convertibles are the original weekend drivers. When people first started buying second cars to drive on the weekends or when they wanted to have fun, they’d opt for a convertible. You can’t drive your family around without a roof overhead, so it’s liberating to go out and do this whenever you like. 

We’d say convertibles aren’t as popular as they once were, mainly because people opt for sports cars instead. However, you will still find loads of great convertible options, particularly in the used car market. The Mazda MX-5 is a classic convertible to pick up as your weekend driver – it’s affordable yet thrilling! 

Any of these cars will be ideal if you want to add more excitement to your weekends or afternoons. Driving the family car can get boring after a while, so give yourself something fun to do. You’ll see hundreds of possibilities within each category – find a weekend driver that suits your budget and delivers the thrills you’re after. 

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