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8 Tips for Having Your Car Stand from the Crowd

As a car enthusiast, you are probably seeking the best ways for your car to make you proud and ways of showing it off. Sometimes it is more pleasurable to turn an average looking and performing car into a head-turner than buying something which could outright achieve the same effect. There is no doubt that in most cases, doing the former rather than latter, proves to be less expensive. Here are some ideas you can use to make your car stand out.

Paint and Artwork

The easiest way to grab attention and instantly be singled out is by using unusual colors and patterns. You can use a hue of the paint to color your car the way the manufacturer doesn’t. Also, most cars have glossy finishes so choosing a matte finish will make all the difference. You can choose a multi-color pattern and have the roof and certain accents contrast the rest of the car. Alternatively, you can wrap your car instead of painting it. It will offer you easier solutions and greater variety when it comes to patterns, but it is usually more expensive than painting the car.  Once you are done, you can add some artwork to it. This is usually done with stickers. The most famous one of all, I dare say, is the fire sticker. This is the reason why you should be careful with it, not to make your care look tacky.

Wheels and tires

Once you have made up your mind about the color, you can start looking for wheels. It is up to you to choose the best type to make a statement. Hubcaps are the ones that make the true statement, though, and there is a great variety to choose out of. The width of the tires also counts, wide tires will make your car look sturdy and powerful. Finally, we cannot move on without mentioning the classiest and the most romantic tire style of all and that is the whitewall tires. When combined with chrome hubcaps, there is no chance your car, with you in it, will escape the notice.


The suspension of your car is an easy trick to play, however, it really shows. Achieve the desired effect by lowering or increasing the suspension height. Try not to go too extreme, if you suspend your car too low, you may damage the floor of the car and everything on it. Also, raising it too high, could make them lose balance more easily. Apart from the performance issues, any extreme may look odd rather than attractive.


Tinted windows are a practical feature to have in the summer to add some shade and make driving on a sunny day easier. They also bring an air of mystery. By rule, we are used to famous people and those who do not wish to be recognized driving in cars with tinted windows so this instantly attracts attention. Before you do this, check the laws of the country or the state you live in to know to which type of tint to select.

The exhaust

That is, the exhaust flamers to be more precise. They will make your car look truly powerful. This is an inexpensive trick to attract an audience whose jaws will drop upon seeing the flames coming out of your exhaust. You need to be extra careful with these, as combining cars with fire can rarely be considered safe. Make sure you read the manual that came with them and use them accordingly.

A faux dump valve

This is yet another trick to make your car seem more powerful and a lot like a race car.  The noise the car will produce will be similar to the one when pressure is released on a rally car. Even though you will attract a lot of attention, there are people who find the noise annoying. Make sure this product is truly cut out for you before you purchase it as it usually costs a lot.

A sound system

With the previous paragraph, we have learned that it is not all about what others can see, but also what others can hear coming from your car. To make your ride more enjoyable and to make sure others know you are enjoying yourself, find a sound system for the car which suits you the best. A powerful sound system may actually be a necessity if you choose to get the dump valve as it is quite noisy on the inside, as well as the outside, and the chances are that you will need some boost to be able to hear the music you are playing.

A Body kit

Finally, without further ado, I present to you, the body kit. You will need to find a body shop car mechanic specialist for this, but accessorizing a car does not get better than this. You can almost build your own Batmobile. The car will be styled to use its full potential of aerodynamics and thus able to achieve greater speed. You can dress up the car by using stylized and custom bumpers, side skirts and spoilers.

Implementing the tips above can be turned into a great project and a perfect way to spend time with your car and do something you like. However, if you have some extra cash and you care more about the result than the process itself, you can always hire professionals to do this for you. The tips above can help you create a true beauty, according to your taste. I honestly hope you have an engine to match.