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Do You Have Too Many Books? Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Sell Them!

The rise of ebooks read like the death of printed books to many. Ebooks are convenient and you can store a lot of them on inexpensive devices.

Yet, physical books remain a staple of the publishing industry.

Of course, for serious readers that often means an ever-growing collection of physical books. Most people don’t give much thought until they move. Then they think something like, “This is too many books.”

If you have too many books, keep reading for five tips to help you sell them.

1. Used Bookstores

Much as print publishers didn’t die when ebooks grew in popularity, used bookstores didn’t vanish off the face of the planet. Used bookstores remain in constant need of new stock to replenish their inventory.

Used bookstores often prove an easy place for offloading your book collection. Of course, you should expect a low payout for your books regardless of condition.

2. Online Options

If you’ve got time and you’re wondering what to do with your books, you can sell book collection for cash online.

Amazon is a good option if you want to maximize your profit, but the process can be tedious. eBay is another option, but expect a lower payout unless you’re willing to wait a long time for the right buyer.

You can also look for buyback websites that specialize in books. With these sites, you typically scan the ISBN and get a quote.

3. Bundle Collections by Series or Author

If you do decide to sell online, you can increase interest in bundling books by series or author.

Bundled collections often sell well to people who just found an author or series they like. Instead of buying piecemeal, they can get up to speed with one purchase.

4. Bundle Collections by Topic

People with serious hobbies or fresh out of college often have huge collections of books on a specific topic. You can offer bundles of books on a topic like gardening or philosophy.

These often appeal to buyers with an interest in a topic area but not enough experience to know exactly what they want.

5. Be Honest

There is another key element if you’re wondering how to sell your books. Stay honest about the condition of the books.

There is a fairly widely accepted rating system for book conditions. Remain straightforward about the books’ condition and most people won’t bat an eye over battered covers or dogeared pages.

Smart Selling When You Own Too Many Books

Owning too many books may not sound like a problem when you live in a home you own. Yet, it often becomes a problem if you must relocate or even clear space in your home.

Selling your books the smart way means getting the most value within your constraints. If you must leave soon, go for the fast sale with used bookstores, book buyback sites, or low-priced eBay bundles. If you prefer a higher payout on a longer timeline, look to sites like Amazon.

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