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A Guide to Customize Yard Signs for a Birthday Party

Birthday yard signs have become quite common in the US, especially in the last 2 to 3 years. These massive plastic signs and cards that rest in your front yard have lately garnered a lot of attention. So, don’t worry, you can rent these companies today. Because of their unique designs and attractive appearance, they are quickly becoming a regular choice of people. These yard signages add excitement to birthdays or any other celebratory occasion. 

Today, you can find several companies that offer custom birthday yard signs. There aren’t significant differences that you can spot except that they can be personalized. And as far as birthdays go, personalized gifts give a different taste altogether.

You can follow a few steps to make your own custom birthday yard signs and cards. 

Step 1. Select a company that delivers custome birthday yard signs 

Many offline and online companies sell these products. Therefore, the first step is to find one with options for customization. Most companies that offer customization for their products keep a separate section. Find that section by exploring the website.

Step 2. Enter basic details  

After you find the section for ordering a custom yard sign, you need to fill in the basic details. That includes the personal information of the buyer as well as the delivery address and time for the product. Some companies even have delivery options at odd hours if you want to arrange a surprise for the birthday person. 

Step 3. Personalize your product 

This is the main part, where buyers need to input every detail they want to integrate into the birthday yard sign. Based on some of the top companies, the most common customization options are:

  • You might need to choose the size of the signage that you are buying
  • Also, select the number of signage you want to rent
  • You might need to select a template for your product (for example, for a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, etc.)
  • You could upload a graphical image to specify how you’d like the sign to look
  • Enter the personalized message for the recipient You can also mention anything else you think can be included in the yard sign

Besides these, you might also place a special request if you have any for the company. Ensure that you instruct everything you hope to see in the final signage. 

Step 4. Complete payment to finalize the order 

Most companies charge less than a hundred dollars for a 24-hour rent on a single-phrase birthday greeting. Besides that, adding more customizations will take around $25-$30 for each. The exact amount is likely to be charged for every additional twenty-four hours you keep the signs. There might be some transit costs as well, which vary from one company to another. You need to complete the payment to finalize the order based on your location. 

Wrapping Up

Buying custom birthday yard signs is a great way to amaze your favorite person on their birthday. Birthdays are special programs that come only once a year. So, if you are arranging to gift a yard card or signage for someone’s birthday, go on. It’ll be completely worth it. 

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