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How to Plan a Surprise Party for Someone Who Hates Surprises

Planning a surprise party on any occasion for someone who doesn’t like surprises can be very difficult. You want to make the occasion special but you also know that they don’t like the unexpected. 

If you’re ready to forge ahead and find a way to make the surprise happen, you’re going to need some guidelines to help you do so. 

If you’ve been struggling, here are some things you can do to keep them from being annoyed by your surprise, instead of grinning from ear to ear.

Respect and Understand Their Dislike

If you want to make your surprise special you’re going to have to ensure you take into consideration this person’s dislike for surprises. They probably don’t like them because they remind them in some ways of a previously uncomfortable situation, so you need to become a detective. 

Whatever it is that makes this person dislike surprises, it’s time for you to put on your detective hat and do some digging so you know how to proceed so that your surprise is well received.

Do a Semi Surprise

You might have to do a semi-surprise instead. This is a little step that you can take to pull off a surprise while keeping everything a bit transparent.

The way to do this is to tell the person that you are planning something special for them for the occasion but be as vague as possible. Keep them guessing! That’s the whole point of a semi-surprise party.

Throw them hints of all the little aspects that you’re planning but hold the guest list close to your chest, this will be the surprise.

Select the Right Setting

Where you keep the party is very important. If you keep a surprise party in an environment where this person feels comfortable and relaxed it is a little easier to roll out the red carpet and to assume that they will fall into line and work with it.

Remember that the reason why you’re intended target does not like surprise parties, is most likely because it makes them cringe.

By taking away this extra layer of paralyzing or mind-numbing fear, you have a greater chance of getting them not to run straight to the door when you announce a surprise.

Plan What They Enjoy

If you don’t know already then you should make a list of all the things the person enjoys. Chances are that you have a pretty good idea, because if you’re planning a surprise birthday party it means that you’re close to this person. 

Focus on what they would enjoy and not what you would enjoy giving them. Remember if you make it centered on them they’re more likely to go along with the plan with a smile on their face when you pop out that surprise. For example, if they like games try going somewhere such as Labyrinth Escape Games.

A surprise party is a real treat. However, some people are more difficult to surprise than others. If you are working with someone who doesn’t like to shock value then work around it you’re sure to find a way to pull it off without a hitch.

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