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Cosmetic Surgery

A Quick Guide to Picking the Right Surgeon for Breast Surgery

Plastic surgery has evolved over the years, incorporating safe techniques and procedures that are getting patients the desired results while minimizing the risks. More women are open to the idea of breast augmentation to enhance their appearance and boost their self-esteem. That said, if you are considering any form of breast surgery, you should take your time to find a highly qualified surgeon who can help you through the process. Well, here is a quick guide to picking the right surgeon for breast surgery.

Look out for board certification

For starters you need a well-trained specialist to do the surgery. So, ensure that all your shortlisted surgeons are board-certified by the ABPS, ABCS, or the Royal College of Physicians, Surgeons of Canada and the likes. Proper credentials confirm that your doctor has undergone rigorous training and has passed all the tests. You wouldn’t want to entrust yourself in the hands of a quack doctor who might botch the surgery leading to surgical complications or infections.

Look for specialists near you

It is always better to seek help from a specialist near you. The follow-up check ups will definitely be much easier with a doctor in your locality. If you are in Pennsylvania, for example, you can check out breast augmentation by Dr. Paul Glat. Again, ensure you work with a reputable surgeon with access to modern implant materials, shapes, and surgical techniques.

Read customer reviews and check for complaints

You can seek reviews on the surgeon as well. Do a social and a Google search to find out whether the doctor you are considering seeing has a record of complaints or has had any disciplinary actions taken against them. Read the online reviews from other former patients and determine whether they had a pleasant experience while at the facility.

You could even reach out to former patients and ask them how they felt while undergoing their procedure at the facility. It is always smart to establish how the surgeon has handled patients in the past to avoid disappointments.

Critique the facility

Not only should your doctor be accredited, but the facility where you will be attended to must also be clean, accommodating, and up to the required standards. Look for JCAHO, AAAASF, Medicare participation, or state licensure certifications. Sometimes, plastic surgery will occur outside of the hospital. No matter the location of your procedure, you should only accept to be treated in a safe space that prioritizes quality patient care.

Ensure your surgeon’s style will suit your needs

Cosmetic surgeons combine their medical knowledge with a certain level of artistry to achieve the client’s aesthetic goals. Confirm that your surgeon can tailor their treatment method to suit your needs and achieve pleasing results. One way to find out whether your surgeon will be able to meet your goals is to look through a legit gallery of their previous surgeries and patient testimonials.

Vet their listening and communication skills

Be on the lookout for a doctor who can explain terminologies in a manner you can understand and one that is keen on understanding your needs. Be wary of red flags, such as a surgeon who seems like they want to rush through the consultation phase and one that is hesitant to answer your questions.

Ask pertinent questions

After you schedule a face-to-face appointment with your doctor, ensure you ask valid questions before committing to the procedure. Ask them how often they perform breast surgeries and the number of years of experience under their belt. Enquire about the potential risks and the post-surgical care procedures you should follow to obtain optimum results.

Wrapping up

Finding a cosmetic surgeon is not a one size fits all kind of affair. Now that you know what to look out for in a breast surgeon, you can now start your hunt for a qualified professional who will help you achieve the body of your dreams.

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