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A Trip To Paradise – Guide To Malaysian Islands

Looking for a tropical vacation with sandy white beaches, breathtaking hiking opportunities, and unbelievable wildlife? Try Malaysia. If you’ve never been there, you’ll arrive to find a paradise like you never imagined. And if you’ve already visited Malaysia, you’ll know just how much of a heaven on earth it is.

This incredible country is filled with stunning views, historic sights, and diverse cultural experiences. What more could you ask for? Here are some of the must-see sights you should take in on any Malaysian trip you take.

    1. Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian Islands are one of those iconic places you see in calendars or on computer screensavers. Clean, turquoise waters and wild forest characterize these iconic islands. They are considered the ideal getaway spot for hikers, divers, and snorkelers, as the waters are so clean and are filled with a diverse array of aquatic life.

In the evenings, beach bars set up cushions on the sand for you to watch fire artists.

    1. Layang-Layang

This tiny island is often ranked among the top 10 dive sites in the world due to its diverse array of marine life.

Little more than a strip of land atop a coral reef, the island is surrounded by waters that reach 2,000 meters deep. And as a result of the nearby Naval presence and its prevention of destructive practices like dynamite fishing, the island’s coral reef is teeming with life.

It also has an underwater visibility of more than 40 meters, which means divers are more able to see incredible wildlife like manta rays, dolphins, barracuda, scalloped hammerhead sharks, and turtles.

    1. Pulau Langkawi

If you’re into myths and lore, you’ll love the biggest legend surrounding the island of Langkawi.

According to legend, a beautiful women named Mahsuri was put to death after being wrongfully accused of adultery. Before she died, Mahsuri cursed the island to 7 generations without peace or prosperity. The island then experienced a series of trials, including an invasion by the Siamese, famine, droughts, and floods, that prompted the populace to believe Mahsuri’s curse was real.

The island then remained barren until Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir Mohamed turned it into a duty-free resort location. Since then, Langkawi has seen incredible growth as a major tourism site.

Some of the greatest experiences on the island include the 2,200-meter-long and 710-meter-high cable car, lemur watching, swimming, and hiking through its remarkable rainforest.

    1. Pulau Pangkor

If you’re looking to live it up like a local, make sure you check out Pulau Pangkor (pulau is the Malay word for island).

Despite measuring just 8 square kilometers, this island is one of Malaysia’s most popular beach getaways among locals. The cuisine options and sandy beaches here are made even better by the friendly people. If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing getaways, this island is the place to go.

Features include Tiger Rock Resort (the best kept secret on the island), incredible street food, and The Dutch Fort.

    1. Pulau Tioman

Unlike many of its Southeast Asian contemporaries, Toiman has retained its natural environment and wildlife in spite of its fame. The island is also famous for its topography, which was (supposedly) used as a backdrop for the 1958 movie “South Pacific.”

Among the array of animals you can see on this island are the giant monitor lizards that roam through the kampungs (Malay for villages) in search of food.

Although most travelers visit Tioman for its marine attractions, the adventures its jungle offers are also rewarding. Gorgeous waterfalls, plentiful wildlife, and challenging hiking trails are just some of the ways Tioman enables you to commune with nature and enjoy the island’s unforgettable biological diversity.

    1. Unbelievable Paradise, Unforgettable Experiences

Regardless of where in Malaysia you choose to go, you should definitely make a point to visit this incredibly diverse country. From breathtaking waterfalls to delicious cuisine, Malaysia has it all. Just make sure to get your timing right when planning the visit. Safety is rarely an issue, and the sights are unforgettable, so what are you waiting for? Visit Malaysia now, and get ready to have the experience of a lifetime.