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Top 5 Oem Parts For Road Tripping

The adventure in going on a road trip can be exhilarating and memorable when you get everything in place before setting out.

How about getting stranded on the road just because you were not fully prepared for the trip? How much of an adventure would that be?

Obviously, when preparing for a major road trip, it is almost impossible to have a spare part for every component of your bike.

Consequently, we have put together a list of must-have OEM parts that you must not leave behind in the course of your road trip:

1. Plugs and Condenser

Since you will be driving a mechanically advanced ride, there is a huge possibility that the first component to give you a real problem will be the condenser or probably one of the plugs.

We can safely assume that you are well aware of the importance of the condensers and plugs on the effectiveness of your ride; hence it is only pertinent that you get yourself the spare OEM parts.

This will at least stop you from ruining the adventure.

2. Fuel Pump

In the course of a very long road trip, it isn’t uncommon for fuel pumps to go bad and the only saving grace is to have packed an extra OEM pump for the journey.

You are unlikely to appreciate the efficient mechanics of an OEM part in the case of a fuel pump until you are faced with the damages caused by aftermarket fuel pumps.

Don’t leave home without this one, your ride will thank you.

3. Gasket

This is for the cooling effects. You are well aware of the amount of heat that will be generated in the course of the trip, especially if it is a very long one.

If your bike’s gasket gets spoilt or damaged and there is no quality replacement for it, you will be traumatized. Surely, you don’t want to turn that adventure into a nightmare!

4. Alternator and Regulator

As simple and unimportant as these particular parts of the ride might seem, they are capable of ruining the entirety of your road trip.

Imagine the bike’s alternator or regulator getting ineffective at any point in time on the trip. The consequence is that the battery gets discharged while you’re moving until it can’t power the ignition and fuel pump. If you can visualize the situation, you will know how vital it is to go with an OEM part regulator and alternator.

5. Belts

Finally, the belt.

It is easy to assume that there is no need for an extra belt. However, when you put into consideration the long distance to be covered while road tripping, then you can easily relate with the possibility of wearing out the belt over time

So bring an OEM spare for the journey and avoid the unpleasant embarrassment of not taking heed.


Always look for best motorcycle mods for your bike and it is more recommended when you go for a road trip. Even, changing the look of your bike can give you extra zeal when road tripping. Say for example, adding some stylish OEM motorcycle fairings can give your bike a stunning look.