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All Mod Cons: Four Items Every Homeowner Should Purchase In 2019

Flipping through a holiday brochure or a property listing you may come across the term ‘all mod cons.’ This, of course, is shorthand for all modern conveniences which usually includes up to date white goods, power showers, digital TVs, and the like. However, as technology changes so quickly, the expectations we have of such conveniences changes as well, even regarding the ones in our own homes. Something that means we can often find ourselves behind the times with tech in our properties. Luckily, this is a situation that is easily rectified. You can even get some inspiration in the post below!

Interactive Home Hub

One of the most revolutionary convenience items to invest in is the interactive home hub. These are now readily available and use speech recognition to manage various aspect of the home, as well as to connect to the internet. Something that means you can run searches without interrupting what you are doing, as well as order products quickly and easily at the moment you run out.

You can even use such hubs to operate lights and other smart enabled items remotely, meaning you can minimize your use of power in rooms that are currently unoccupied. Something that makes such hubs a vital purchase for any eco-conscious homeowner in 2019.

Air Conditioning

Even in 2018, not all homes have an effective temperature control system like air conditioning installed. Obviously, this can be problematic because it makes regulating the temperature of specific rooms much more difficult.

That is why simple air conditioning is a mod-con that no homeowner should pass over in 2019. Although, remember that it’s best to have a 24 hour air conditioning service on hand as well because once you get used to having your home at the perfect temperature all the time, it can be incredibly difficult to go without if it breaks.

Digital CCTV

The reasons to invest in digital CCTV cameras for your home are numerous. Not only are they relatively inexpensive, but they also act as an effective deterrent against unscrupulous people that may take advantage of the opportunity to help themselves to your possessions while you are out at work, or on vacation.

Digital CCTV can also be streamed straight to your smartphone, meaning that you will be able to access a live feed from both inside and outside of your house at any time. Something that is particularly useful if you have a pet that you want to check on during the day, or you want to keep an eye on things while you are out of the country. Therefore making digital CCTV an essential modern convenience to invest in next year.

Video Doorbell

Another mod-con that householders should consider purchasing in 2019 is the video doorbell. This is like a tradition bell, but with the addition of a camera that allows you to see exactly who is at the door, sort of like call screening for your home.

Of course, its tech that can also be hooked up to your home hub as well, which means you can speak to delivery drivers or visitors from anywhere in, or even outside your house to provide them with instructions. A truly mod-con worthy of investment in 2019, indeed!