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Most people begin their day with a strong cup of coffee, relying on its ability to boost energy levels, focus, and physical performance. Foreseeably, it is one of the most loved beverages worldwide, helping people of all ages and ethnicities enjoy a more active and fulfilling life.

But there are several things about this popular drink that many folks remain unaware of. For instance, did you know that one can trace coffee origins back to Ethiopia in the 1600s? Similarly, this drink has several health benefits that most people might not know about.

The following information elaborates on certain exciting aspects of this fantastic and admired refreshment that new and existing coffee lovers will find intriguing.

Fascinating history

The captivating coffee origins lie in ancient Ethiopia, where legend claims the coveted beans were first discovered by an unassuming goat herder called Kaldi. Reportedly, he found a portion of his herd grazing upon the spectacular red cherries of the coffee plant, causing them to display increased energy levels compared to the rest of the animals. He then took the berries to a monastery nearby, hoping for an explanation.

While the pious monks initially threw the beans away into the fire, claiming them to be an ungodly distraction, they were bewitched by the burning smell. Soon, they found themselves boiling the beans and adding them to water, reveling in their flavor and a boost in vitality, helping them stay alert during midnight mass.

From here, the beloved beans made their way to Yemen, quickly spreading through the Arabian Peninsula. Venice merchants visiting the region took it back to Europe, ensuring its popularity soared in their continent. Meanwhile, a Sufi saint took the beans to India and cultivated them, spreading their fame throughout the region.

Potential health benefits

A study on hamsters and rats with carcinogens showed that coffee could effectively inhibit the growth of these harmful elements, significantly reducing liver tumors and cellular alteration.

Invariably, plenty of other studies are underway to understand this cherished drink’s truest potential fully. Some of the most prominent findings of the research have uncovered the following.

  • It may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia, with many adults who consume it regularly showing a decreased risk factor.
  • It may also help prevent type-2 diabetes, contributing to healthy insulin levels in the body.
  • It contains antioxidants known to become stronger once the beans are roasted, making it a healthy option as antioxidants can protect the body from several ailments.
  • The properties in these beans are known to keep kidney issues at bay while making consumers happier than the rest.

Diverse types for various palates


If you refer to a reliable online source, they can tell you there is more to coffee than just one flavor and a single way to make it. For instance, Arabica beans are top-grade and account for over sixty percent of all production worldwide. Robusta is the second most preferred, with the most desired preparation containing exciting ingredients like rum and chocolate. Excelsia and Liberica are other sought-after types, expanding the choice for avid consumers everywhere.

Moreover, people brew them differently, such as pour brews, hot brews, cold brews, and drip brews, depending on their palate specifications.

You can also use these authentic and expert online resources to learn about top recipes, excellent roasters, grinding gear, and storage tips, making your caffeine-driven adventure more enjoyable.

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