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Baby’s Safety Measures For Newbie Parents: From Birth To 1 Year

Did you know that injuries are the leading cause of death in children younger than 1 year? Unfortunately, these injuries are mostly due to the lack of knowledge and negligence of newbie parents. 

Understand that children grow faster than you might have expected. Before you know it, your toddler will start crawling around the house or wiggling off the bed. 

So, you need to be a step ahead to ensure your baby’s safety. Especially until they reach their toddler years and start to understand your language and gestures. 

Obviously, it could get very challenging for newbie parents. But you don’t need to worry! Here are some safety measures that’ll help you elevate your toddler’s safety. 

  • Preventing Falls

Generally, babies start to wiggle and push things as soon as they are born. And when they start to grow, they tend to roll over. Needless to say, such acts can result in a fall. To avoid that, you must not leave your child alone. If you have to, make sure to put them in a safe place, such as a playpen or crib. 

In addition to this, your child might start crawling in 6 or more months. So, you should keep the doors closed and also use gates near the stairways. It’ll ensure that they don’t get hurt. 

Not to mention, do not leave your toddler in a baby walker. As there are high chances, they might fall out of it. 

  • Setting Up Your Car

You have to take your little one out of the house for regular checkups or for family picnics. Therefore, you need to ensure that your car is well prepared for the safety of your sunshine. According to the American car safety standard, you need to install a special seat for the infant. Luckily, you can search for the infant car seat online and select the right size according to the height and weight of your child. 

Apart from this, you should also ensure that your car is well equipped with your child’s needs. But remember, you should be careful while putting and picking up your baby from the car. 

Make sure that the harness is securely fastened and is not too light for the baby. 

  • Protection From Smoke 

Smoking is not only injurious to your health but can also severely affect your baby. So, you must create a rule of not smoking anywhere near the kid. In fact, it is also advised to change the clothes or even take a bath after smoking to ensure that no smoke particles get in contact with the child. 

Also, you should install a smoke detector, fire extinguisher, and carbon monoxide monitor in the house. Remember to replace the batteries every 6 months. It will give you peace of mind that your little one is away from danger. 

To Sum It All Up!

All these measures will ensure that your baby stays safe all the time. Also, it will ensure that you are adhering to the government rules and regulations. Keep in mind that your child’s safety is your responsibility. So, you must stay alert and provide the utmost comfort to your child. In case your child gets hurt, go to the doctor immediately.