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Best Cleaning Hacks when Life Gets Busy

Although cleaning isn’t so much fun, there is so much comfort walking around and sleeping in a tidy home. But when life gets busy, you may not have as much time to carry out thorough cleaning. You may consider using every free time you get to rest or have fun with your family.

However, there are some hacks and tips to make cleaning faster even as things get busy.

Would you love to know? Read on! 

1. Make a habit of putting items away after use

The first thing you notice about a tidy home is a lack of clutter. So to get your home clean, you’d have a lot of decluttering to do. That implies taking the glasses where they belong, removing pieces of paper from the floor, and arranging dirty/washed clothes. This can take time, and it becomes overwhelming when so many items are out of place.

But if you make it a habit of placing things in their ideal locations immediately after use, you’d avoid that challenge. Keep your home organized at all times, and decluttering wouldn’t be so time-consuming. 

2. Micro-Clean as often as you can

While this may sound counter-intuitive, it’s a hack in every sense of the world. By doing quick cleaning daily, you’ll have much less to do over the weekend. That would allow you to use your limited available time for better activities like practicing self-care.

Perhaps, you could clean one room a day. An alternative is to choose a particular task to do each day, for example, cleaning the windows on Monday and then a quick mop on Tuesday. This will only take some minutes daily.

At the end of the week, you’d have so much done without having to devote hours for a scheduled cleaning. 

3. Make cleaning products readily accessible

How frustrating it is to discover that the detergent you need for the bathroom isn’t available at home. Thereby, to make things easier, keep a primary cleaning product in each room and floor. Have them in your kitchen, toilet, your living room shelf, etc., so that they are always at your fingertips. 

4. Get help when necessary

While you may want to do everything yourself, it is wise to seek help when the situation demands it.

For example, if you’ve left your carpet uncleaned for a long time, dust, grime, oil stain, etc., may have accumulated, therefore requiring more stringent effort and time. Consider hiring a carpet cleaning company to get the tough job done quickly. Having specialized equipment, they may also be able to get the carpet dried within 2 hours, which may usually take 6-8 hours. This frees up time for you to get back on your daily activities. 

5. Get your family involved

Another hack is to distribute cleaning tasks among your kids. Allow them to do it at their own time or make it fun by having everyone clean together on Saturday.

If you want to share the task, create a list of simple 5-minute chores so that each child knows what to do after school. Playing music while cleaning also makes the activity less tiring and more fun. 

6. Use the right cleaning products

Not every cleaning product works for all kinds of surfaces and dirt. Using the wrong one may waste your little available time.

Aside from those fancy products, certain ingredients can help you clean faster.

  • Olive oil can help remove dirty spots from stainless steel, like pots
  • Vodka works well on carpet stains
  • Baking soda and vinegar works for toilets and tubs
  • Slip pillowcase between fan blades and swipe instead of rags, resulting in dust falling onto furniture and floor. 


It’s best not to allow dirt to accumulate before cleaning. The moment you discover there’s so much to do, you get overwhelmed and may not be able to complete everything.

So use a few minutes to get some cleaning done daily as it becomes more of a lifestyle and less arduous chore.

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