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Best Device to Play Bingo

The surge of technology over the last twenty years has changed a lot of things about people’s daily life. From the amount of information available to the connectivity with those around us, things are definitely different. These changes don’t just affect us, bingo has taken advantage of the things that technology and become a more popular game. Most free bingo games for cash are as big as regular bingo at this point, in countries such as Japan and Brazil it is even more popular than the regular bingo halls. There are a lot of options to play online bingo such as smartphones or with a laptop, all with their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Below we have a small list of what we think are the best devices to play free online bingo with and why. 


The option has one big advantage, it enables you to play bingo wherever you go. As we always take our mobile phones with us, be it an Apple or an Android. The ability to play where you go is a tremendous benefit if you are somebody who is always on the go and won’t necessarily have the time to sit down at a computer and play a game. You could play a game while sitting on the train or for instance. While the size of the screen is smaller than some other options, something to bear in mind if you have particularly poor eyesight, thanks to the brilliance of modern smartphones they still offer the same level of graphics and design that you would get when playing on a computer or tablet!  


While a laptop is not as mobile as a smartphone it can still be carried around while travelling on things like a train. The computer was the original way people could play bingo online and as such still has a certain allure to its gameplay, it provides players with a larger screen. This increase in screen size can help players with poorer eyesight, for example older players will have a preference toward using computers/laptops to play online bingo because of the size of the screen. This can also benefit players who have bought more than one ticket, enabling them to easily switch between tickets without much fuss. Even though the screen size of laptops seems to be decreasing with each passing year, players still love to use laptops/computers to play online bingo! 


This option is a mixture of smartphone and laptop, as it has a large screen similar to that of a laptop but lacks the keyboard and mouse and is controlled by the user’s touch like a smartphone. It can be easily carried around by people while travelling, despite not fitting inside a user’s pocket it is definitely lighter than a laptop. With the option to select from many bingo apps and a simple and light design, tablets are great options for players. 

Final thoughts 

With so many options that can be used to play online bingo, the only thing players need to make sure of is that they have a good wifi connection so they can use the internet! What your particular device choice depends entirely on what sort of player you are.