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Coping with the Menapause Symptoms at Work in 4 Simple Steps

Coping with the menopause can be challenging enough without having to deal with it at work. Handling the symptoms of menopause at work can be really difficult for a lot of women so read on for our top tips on dealing with the symptoms of menopause whilst at work so that you can stay happy, healthy, comfortable and productive.

Coping with the Menapause Symptoms at Work in 4 Simple Steps

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Dealing with Stress

Stress unfortunately is part of parcel of working life from time to time, however for women also struggling with the menopause, stress can seem to be much more amplified and difficult to cope with. Therefore it is recommended to try and approach any stressful situations with a calm attitude. Combating stress with relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation and yoga has helped thousands of women learn to calm themselves when facing stressful situations at work.

Due to the extra hormones involved with the menopause you will need to make sure that you are taking extra care of yourself at work in order to keep stress at bay. Therefore make sure you are taking regular breaks, that you leave the office at least once for a change of scenery, that you listen to soothing music and that you take yourself for a brisk 5 minute walk if you feel any feelings of stress and anxiety bubbling to the surface.


There is a huge amount of medication available now for women going through the menopause so it is no longer necessary to suffer in silence. Go and see your doctor and see what he, or she, recommends due to the symptoms you are experiencing. There are also some really effective over the counter pills available, such as Caruso’s menopause relief tablets, which can offer immediate relief to menopause symptoms. So donโ€™t feel like you need to go this alone. Look into the medication and also the natural remedies that are available that will make each day much more easy to cope with.

Stay Cool

Unfortunately a lot of offices have one central air conditioning and heat system which makes it hard to adjust to the individual needs of women going through the menopause. Therefore make sure you are taking the measures to keep yourself cool at your desk by using a portable desk fan, or sitting by an open window. Keeping sooting wet wipes in your drawer or a hydrating water body mist or spray can also work really well to keep you feeling cool and relaxed.

Stay Hydrated

Itโ€™s an oldie, but a goodie. Drinking around 1.5 litres of water a day can go a long way in alleviating many of the menopausal symptoms. Water helps to restore the loss of body moisture during hot flashes. For extra soothing water, add ice to your water to keep your body extra chilled and hydrated. If you find it difficult to drink lots of water in the day, add a little ice tea, or soothing lemon and mint to make your water a little more interesting and easy to consume.