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Decorating With Crystals: Where to Place Crystals in Your Home

Crystals are nature’s art that comes in stunning shapes, colors, and different healing properties. They’re more than just a pretty decoration, and can actually clear the energy in your home.

According to Feng Shui, each crystal should be placed in an environment where it can unleash its healing and energy-cleansing powers. Before purchasing a crystal, do some research on its properties so you know which room to put it in.

Keep reading to learn the basics of decorating with crystals and giver your home a boost of spiritual juju.

Bedroom: Rose Quartz

Your bedroom should be a serene place where you go to get some rest and calm your mind and body. Rose quartz is the crystal of gentle, loving energy and relaxation, making it one of the best decoration ideas with crystals for the bedroom.

Place rose quartz on your bedside table or dresser to make sure its energy radiates throughout the room.

Living Room: Amethyst

The living room is a place of family gatherings, playful energy, and love. Feng Shui tips for decorating with crystals say that amethyst is the best stone for living rooms because it’s an energetic air purifier. It absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and has relaxing and high-vibration properties.

Place Amethyst on your coffee table, bookshelf, fireplace mantel, or on the floor if you have a tall geode.

Kitchen: Carnelian

If you want to decorate with crystals in the kitchen, carnelian is the perfect stone for your cooking adventures. Its fiery-orange color will improve the taste of your meals, boost your creativity, and increase your physical strength.

Place carnelian near your stove, food prep areas, or the kitchen window to allow its energy to spread.

Home Office/Media Room: Shungite

Shungite is a Russian-native stone that has powerful abilities to neutralize and absorb electromagnetic radiation coming from electronic devices. This is why it’s perfect for offices, media rooms, or even living rooms.

Combine it with a Pyrite crystal to boost your creative energy, generate new ideas, and attract business opportunities.

Bathroom: Himalayan Salt Rock

Himalayan Salt Rock is the best bathroom crystal with its cleansing and purifying properties. It helps relieve tension, heal aching muscles, soothe a tired body, and clear an overactive mind.

You can use the salt rock dissolved in water and take a bath in it. If you want to use it for decoration, place it away from water so it doesn’t dissolve and lose its properties.

Kids Rooms: Smoky Quartz

For your kids’ bedrooms, the best crystal is smoky quartz due to its grounding and balancing properties. It’ll help absorb negative energy the kids bring from outside, and soothe an overactive mind and heart.

You can also explore the crystal meanings with your kids and learn about their healing and energetic properties together.

Decorating With Crystals Is Easy With These Tips

Decorating with crystals can be fun if you know the best use and purpose for each crystal. Some crystals have powerful energy-cleansing properties and others help boost creativity, so arrange them based on your spiritual needs.

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