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Practical Beauty Hacks for New Moms on the Run

Your life turns upside down once you have a child. Many things that seemed second-nature before you had your baby may now seem too difficult, like applying makeup before work. Well, we are here to tell you that by changing your morning routine you can still look flawless, and save precious time simultaneously.

Skip the foundation and use a tinted moisturizer instead

Instead of applying full-coverage foundation every morning, consider switching to a tinted BB cream that works as a moisturizer at the same time. A heavy-duty foundation is more difficult to apply, and requires regular touch-ups, not to mention that you simply can’t wear it on its own, since it washes you out. And by adding blush, bronzer, eyeshadow and highlight to your routine, you end up having to spend an hour you don’t have on your makeup. A light coverage cream hides all your blemishes without too much fuss.

Hide signs of sleepless nights with concealer

Practical Beauty Hacks for New Moms on the Run

When a simple BB cream just isn’t giving you the coverage you need, don’t shy away from using heavier stuff. A good-quality concealer is easy to blend in your BB cream, and it can be applied to areas where you need an opaquer coverage, like the eyebags, pimples, or any other areas with blemishes. And by leaving some of your skin uncovered, you achieve a more natural, flattering look, as opposed to applying the foundation-concealer-bronzer-blush combo. And it is much easier to re-apply if your makeup wears off during the day.

Blotting powder is your best friend

Many women go through big hormonal turbulences during and after pregnancy, so you may develop acne, oily skin and other issues. Sometimes there doesn’t even have to be an underlying hormonal imbalance for your skin to start acting up, it can simply be that you don’t have time to maintain your complex skincare routine anymore. We’re here to tell you that it’s okay. Eventually, your skin will go back to normal, but for the time being, bring blotting paper or powder with you to work for an instant mattifying effect without having to retouch your makeup.

Choose hair extensions in case of thinning hair

Practical Beauty Hacks for New Moms on the Run

Another, rarely talked-about thing that new moms face is pregnancy hair loss. While it is completely normal and pretty common among pregnant women and new moms. Excessive shedding due to a drop in estrogen levels may leave you feeling self-conscious, and it can be difficult to style. One solution would be natural human hair clip on hair extensions, since they require minimal upkeep and look and feel like your natural hair, unlike wigs. This way you can minimize the appearance of thinning hair, while still being able to style your hair and look fabulous.

Keep tinted lip balm and gloss with you at all times

Anemia, chronic tiredness and dehydration can leave your lips looking chapped and colorless. Most mommies don’t have the time nor energy to constantly reapply lipstick or gloss, not to mention the risk of staining clothes while handling the baby. A hydrating tinted lip balm is all you need to complete your makeup routine, and still maintain the natural “bareface” look. And since no one on earth could keep from losing their tube of lip balm, we recommend you stash one in each bag.

Dry shampoo is a must-have item

Practical Beauty Hacks for New Moms on the Run

Some days are simply too hectic for new moms, and taking care of the baby may leave them too tired to take care of themselves. Well, we’ve got you covered. Gone are the days of having to wear slick updos if you didn’t have time to wash and style your hair. With dry shampoos, you can extend the time in between wash days without feeling like a grease ball. Dry shampoo will help soak up excess oil and leave your hair smelling fresh, even when you don’t have time to freshen up otherwise.   

Beauty comes from within

Most importantly, quick hacks may work short-term, but in the long run, your body needs nourishment. Pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on any woman’s body, and you should provide it with enough nutrients for recovery. Eventually, your makeup and skincare routines will go back to normal, once you’ve got the hang of being a mommy, but the damage to your body may be permanent, unless you do something about it. Talk to your doctor about proper nutrition and supplementation that will meet your individual needs, and soon you’ll be glowing again.

Being a new mom is exhausting work, and your personal and professional life may have to change a bit. Even your daily routine can’t stay the same, so you need to make adjustments. Follow our tips that will make this new chapter in your life a bit easier.


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