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6 Surprising Benefits of Going Bald

For the average man, going bald causes increased stress, a negative body image and a preoccupation with hair loss.

The good news is, facing baldness does not have to be a bad thing.

If you are going bald or have thinning hair and want to shave your head, here are 6 surprising benefits of being bald.

1. You’ll Have More Comfortable Summers

A surprising benefit of being bald is you’ll be more comfortable during the summer. Nothing cools you down like the feeling of a nice breeze on a summer day.

Fortunately, being bald comes with plenty of nice breezes. As a note of caution, be sure to practice bald head care by applying sunscreen to your head every time you leave the house.

2. You’ll Highlight Your Best Features

Being bald means there is no hair to hide behind but it also means there is nothing to distract from your best features. When you are bald, you have the opportunity to showcase your handsome face or your stylish clothes. As a bonus, you’ll look great in a hat and sunglasses.

3. You’ll Be Perceived as a Dominate and Intelligent Leader

Surprisingly, studies show a completely bald man is often considered to have more positive qualities (some of them considered “manly” qualities) than a man with a full head of hair. Bald men are perceived as being more dominant, honest and intelligent. You’ll even seem taller than you are.

4. You’ll Have an Easier Time Growing a Beard

It’s ironic, but going bald means you’ll have a much easier time growing that long, lush beard you’ve always wanted.

The hormones that make your hair grow are the same for all of the hair follicles on your body. This means, when you no longer have hair on your head, the rest of your follicles get an extra serving of the hair-growing hormones, resulting in longer facial hair.

5. You’ll Have a Better Metabolism

A common cause of baldness is a high amount of testosterone in the body. What caused you to go bald in the first place is helpful in other areas of your life. Testosterone is a natural metabolism booster that has many health benefits, including building muscle mass and maintaining a healthy weight.

6. You’ll Save Time and Money While Helping the Environment

Collectively, an estimated 10% of men in the United States spend one billion dollars a year on products, procedures, and treatments to fight baldness. Added to the normal hair products, barbershop trips, and other hair-related purchases, going bald can save you a lot of money.

By being bald, you’ll reduce your use of products that are packaged in harmful plastics and save time on styling your hair before work or for other outings.

There Are Many Benefits of Going Bald

If you are dealing with balding or thinning hair, try focusing on the many benefits of going bald. You just might find embracing your baldness leads to a happier and less stressful life.

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