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Developing The Habit Of Reading? Here’s How To Select The Right Book

Reading is one of the great ways of self-development. As Dr. Seuss has said, 

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 

Reading books takes you to a whole new world and helps in improving your imagination. Plus, it is also a nice way to pass the time, rather than scrolling through social media handles. Nevertheless, what to begin with often wanes the desire to read more, especially for those trying to develop the reading habit. 

Selecting the right books is the first and most daunting step of reading. And why not? There are numerous genres such as documentary (nonfiction), romance, thriller, comic, action, fantasy, fan fiction, and the list goes on! 

Deciding on just one book, to begin with, can get very overwhelming for the reader. But, no worries! That’s what we are here for. 

This article will help you decide the RIGHT BOOK that you’ll enjoy reading. So, let’s begin! 

Begin Reading With What YOU Love 

The rule of thumb is to select the book that YOU will like. You might think that it’s the most obvious thing. However, whenever people think about starting reading, they tend to take recommendations from their family and friends. 

Understand that the “taste in art” is different for everyone. You may or may not have the same taste, which further affects your determination to learn something new. Besides that, some people also restrict themselves with bestselling lists or the latest books. 

There are over millions of books all around the world. And that’s one of the best parts about reading. If you pay attention, you can easily find and select the novel that appeals to you. You need not necessarily go with recommended ones, literary fiction or classics. Continue reading on! 

  • Discover Your Taste 

It might come as a surprise to you, but every person has their individualistic taste and preference. It’s just that you haven’t explored it. Fortunately, there are numerous questions that can help you discover your taste. 

  • Do you enjoy dark humor or romantic comedy? 
  • Do you enjoy stories based on real-life experiences of people or prefer to enjoy a fantasy world filled with supernatural powers? 
  • Are you enchanted by poetry or baroque? 
  • Do you like educational or self-help niches or art and entertainment that helps you tap into your creative side? 

Apart from this, what kind of content you usually enjoy can also help you select the right literature. You can also focus on the style of writing while searching. It will help you discover contemporary artists that can help you learn enlightening information or even art forms. In simple words, these questions will help you create an outline of your taste. 

Additionally, there are five facets of appeals you must learn about! 

  • Pacing: How fast the story moves plays a significant role in the selection process. If it’s captivating, you are most likely to continue reading it and complete it before even realizing it. Otherwise, you might stop after a few chapters or might never finish it. 
  • Characterization: If your book has characters- how well they are described can make the story more interesting. The characters can either make the story unforgettable or monotonous. 
  • Frame and tone: What is the overall mood of the story- thrilling, educational, dark, philosophical, entertaining, or heartwarming?
  • Storyline: Is the storyline action-driven or character-oriented? Or does the plot explain art or something awe-spiring? Is it comprehensive documentation? 
  • Style: What style of writing has the author followed? Conversational? Intricating? Poetic? Or any other? 

If you take into consideration these facets, it’ll help you understand your taste and preferences. Thus, you can shortlist the stories you’d desire to read. 

  • Learn What Genre Appeals To You

Another thing that you can do is to narrow down your reading options by selecting the genre which unfolds your appeals. For instance, fantasy genres tend to elaborate their characters and proceed at a stately pace. On the other hand, mystery genres are fast-paced and written without adornment, yet add thriller to them. 

Obviously, there are exceptions, as every writer has their own style and knowledge. So, understand the different genres and select the one which matches well with your appeals. Plus, you can also enjoy more than one genre. Just keep in mind what Betty Rosenberg has said

“Never apologize for your reading taste because it is yours!”

  • Narrow Down Your Options 

Now that you have understood appeals and genre preferences, you can easily select the book that’s meant for you. There is just one last thing that’s left to do, i.e., narrowing down your options further. Here’s how! 

  • Read the book covers. Go to a nearby bookstore or even browse online to see which book cover art appeals to you. Generally, it helps in learning about what the story could be about. You can also read inside the flap to learn more about the plot. 
  • Read online reviews. The online reviews can help you learn more about the book and the author. In fact, some people even give a short summary that can help you select. Plus, they also offer read-alike options, matching your appeal for you to find the right one. 
  • Take help from your friend. If you have already read a few books that you liked that were recommended by your friends, you can describe your taste to them and get their help. If they tend to read often, they will instantly understand what you want and shortlist a few books. 
  • Consider the time you have. If you start reading because you are on a break, you can consider going with long reads. However, if it’s merely for entertainment, you can go with short reads. As these will keep you engaged easily, it will be easy for you to complete them, which will offer a sense of satisfaction. 

Key Takeaway! 

These are some of the ways in which you can narrow down all your options and select the one book that appeals to you. Not to mention, as the book is of your interest, you will surely enjoy reading it, which will play a significant part in developing your reading habit. 

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