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There is no one who wouldn’t love to wear an outfit that draws admiring stares and wonderful compliments. After all, it is why we spend a huge amount of money purchasing skincare products; high-end clothing, accessories, shoes, body sprays, you name it!

Many of us invest so much effort, time, and money in trying to look good. But sometimes, things don’t always go exactly the way we plan. Why? Because of some little fashion mistakes.

There are many fashion blunders out there, and it only takes one to earn you some criticisms from the Fashion Police, friends, colleagues, and even the media. If you want your dressing to be void of any mistake whatsoever, it’s high time you learn about some common fashion mistakes and ensure you don’t make them. 

Here are a few fashion mistakes to avoid this year. 

What is a fashion mistake?

If you are quite conversant with the popular Fashion Police TV show, you should clearly understand what a fashion blunder is. However, for more clarity, we’ll provide you with a terse definition.

A fashion mistake is all about dressing the wrong way. It is one of the biggest sins anyone can commit when getting dressed.

Whether it is wearing a cloth that looks as rumpled as a squeezed dollar note or allowing your undies to show via your outfit, fashion mistakes are designed to do one thing: ruin your outfit and make you the talk of the neighborhood. Don’t like that? Here are a few fashion mistakes to be wary of. 

  1. Wearing excessive accessories

Accessories are designed to complement your overall appearance. They add a stylish hint to your outfit and are good at highlighting some features. But, overloading yourself with lots of accessories wouldn’t make you appear super-hot. Instead, it makes you look like a mess. Thus, you want to keep it lightweight and pretty simple, so you don’t struggle to walk or sweat excessively. 

For instance, if you wear a solid sweater with black pencil jeans, you could cap it off with a leopard scarf, black bag, and color block flats. For guys who love jeans and a t-shirt, a silver or gunmetal-toned bracelet, a belt, and a wallet chain are enough. 

  1. Not buying for your body type.

A dropped waist jumpsuit looks cute. However, it is no secret that this outfit will look horrible on 97% of the population. Don’t get carried away with fast fashion. Remember, the idea of dressing up is to look good and feel good. So, whether you shop at movement lifestyle apparel or a boutique down the street, always ensure that the clothes you pick fit your body type.

Do you want to emphasize a small waist or conceal your belly fat? Go for something that matches your intention and not something you see everyone buying. Beware of colors and patterns. Coral is one color that appears good on a majority of skin types. However, be cautious with mustard as it can wash some people out. 

  1. Selecting the wrong dress or short length

When dressing, always consider the weather and event. For instance, you’ll obviously be wearing more trousers than shorts during winter, including coats, socks, gloves, and cardigans. Wearing shorts and a light top during winter is an absolute blunder. Not only does it leave you exposed, but it also makes you appear weird. Who does that during winter when the temperature is at its lowest?

If you are a lady who fancies visiting sporting areas, it makes sense you always wear something comfortable. Going for a mini-skirt or tight gown isn’t advisable. The same with footwear that makes it hard for you to walk. Rather than wear something that makes you walk like a robot, consider going for something that makes you free and comfortable should the need to scamper arise.

  1. Ignoring comfort

So, you have been invited to an event which a few celebrities will attend. To ensure that you steal the attention of your celebrity crush, you decide to don a stylish bodycon dress and a pair of ridiculously high heels that makes your toes hurt. Of course, you look super-amazing, but your toes hurt whenever you walk or stand for too long. 

Here is a major mistake we make. Many of us often sacrifice our comfort for a good look which isn’t the right way to dress. Your dress should be attractive and comfortable. These factors go hand-in-hand. You don’t want to limp or fall all in the name of looking good. Neither do you want to experience seizures because of that huge grommet belt. That said, ensure you prioritize your comfort when dressing. 

  1. Not wearing an inner under a revealing top.

If you don’t want people to stare at you awkwardly like some sort of alien, ensure you wear an inner under a see-through top. Failing to wear one would not only make you look weird, but it will overshadow the beauty of the top and be a huge distraction. 

Try to don a see-through of the same color as the top you’ll wear. If you are wearing a mesh top, you can consider styling it with a simple bra underneath, depending on the design and style. 

  1. Shopping for Instagram

We hate to break it to you, but many of you reading this article buy stuff simply so people know you own it.  Are you buying that expensive Nike boot because you really, really love it, or because you want your friends and, of course, admirers to know that you own it?’

If you buy that Balenciaga bag or that gold chain, will you really enjoy it without posting it on Instagram or any of your social media handles? If the answer is no, you might need to sit down and review your shopping habits.


Knowledge of these fashion mistakes won’t only help you spot a fashion mistake when you see one, but it’ll also help you avoid one and draw you closer to becoming a fashionista. Ensure you prioritize your comfort at all times and shop based on your body type. 

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