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4 ways to feel your best each day

Ready to feel your best? I am! Here are a few ways to feel your best each day. I hope these tips help you start the day and make each day the best that it can be. – 

Start each day on a positive note

When you are wanting to feel your best each day, that obviously starts with your morning. Each morning, get the day started on the best note possible – and transfer that energy throughout your day, to keep the positive vibes flowing. Creating a positive morning routine can go a long way to setting the tone for your entire day (seriously!). Rather than hitting the snooze button five times or scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram and TikTok first thing in the morning, try some of these tips to create a morning routine that works for you. 

4 ways to feel your best each day

  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier: resist the urge to hit the snooze button. If you are usually in a rush to get out the door, slow down your routine a bit. The best way to do this is by waking up just a tad bit earlier every day. It doesn’t have to be 15 minutes – you know what you need! Feeling rushed in the morning is a definite way to create a stressful atmosphere. Giving yourself the flexibility to go a bit more slow, eat breakfast, and enjoy your morning will definitely help put you in the right state of mind.
  • Start the day with gratitude: instead of scrolling, practice gratitude. Research suggests that practicing gratitude daily actually makes you happier and less depressed. And what better way to start your day than spending just a few minutes with your gratitude journal, bible, or one of your favorite uplifting books?
  • Stretch your body: stretching in the morning helps relieve tension and pain. It also helps increase flexibility and blood flow, helping you prepare for the day ahead. 
  • Eat a nourishing breakfast: starting your day with the nutrients your body craves will help boost your energy. Plus, you’ll be more likely to make healthy food choices for the rest of the day. 
  • Last but not least, take the time to get ready. You know what makes me feel the best? Getting dressed in an outfit that I love, feeling fresh from a morning shower, and putting on makeup. This does take more time (obviously), but a little goes a long way and it will definitely make you feel your best and so much more confident!

Learn how to decrease stressors in your life

We talked a bit earlier about slowing down your morning to decrease stressors in your life, but how about going past your morning? Work, friends, family, and so much more – they all have the potential to cause stress. I mean, stress is EASY to feel, if you let it get to you. The best way to avoid stress? That’s a trick question, because there is no easy way to just make stress totally gone. However, you can learn how to manage it better! This is no easy feat, but focus on fueling your body, managing hormones, and getting “in shape” mentally, first.

Get active each day

There is NOTHING worse than feeling stiff and achy when you wake up. Trust me – I know that feeling well. Get active each day, starting with the minute you wake up, to shake everything out and feeling a little less sore. Start with a gentle stretch, or maybe a walk. Then, found ways throughout the day to get a little activity in!

Address your relationships

4 ways to feel your best each day

Make sure that the relationships in your life as not dragging you down, or holding you back from having a positive mindset. There will always be ups and downs in any relationship, but if a specific relationship is having more downs than ups for a long while, it may be time to address it. Talking it out is always your best bet, and if you need help, there are professional counselors out there to help you. For example, Restorative Counseling Services can help you with Atlanta Couples Therapy, if you need help working on your relationship. They also specialize in trauma, anxiety, depression, OCD, and more. They say, “At Restorative Counseling Services, our philosophy is simple: Individuals, couples, and families thrive when they experience excellent therapeutic care in a warm and safe environment. We use evidence-based techniques to engage clients in talk therapy, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of who they really are, where they came from, and where they want to go. In addition to helping clients gain clarity and understanding, we are incredibly passionate about providing clients with practical, real-life tools to take their newfound insight and create change in their lives immediately. It is this two-pronged approach of process work and skills development that helps our clients not only get better faster, but start living more meaningful and satisfying lives today.”

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