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Belgium is home to many things, from serene landscapes to beautiful cities, cheerful and adorable citizens, including unique delicacies. If you are visiting Belgium for the first time, either on a thrilling vacation or a simple visit, you would surely want to add a visit to one of Belgium’s finest restaurants to your to-do list, where you have a chance to try out some lovely meals.

And what meals could these be? A tantalizing Quinoa and turkey? Or a simple dish that comprises fries, beef, and tomatoes? There is only one way to find out! Below we will highlight a few Belgium delicacies that would make your mouth water and ensure that you always come back for more.


1. Belgian fries

Make no mistakes; this is not like the regular fries you know. It is called “Belgian Fries” for a reason. Thus, if you are a sucker for fries or want to take a quick meal to excite your buds a bit, you can walk to a restaurant and order this delicious meal.

The Belgium fries are usually made via a two-step frying process that makes them pretty soft and super-crunchy. If you are a vegetarian, you would surely love this food. And if you are keen on determining who makes the best fries in the world, other than the “supposed” French, you’ll need to taste these fries to decide.

 2. Mussels of Mosselen-friet

Forget about the funny name; it is less important than its taste. Found in the Northern Sea, the Mussels of Mosselen-friet come with more flesh than its French counterparts. This amazing meal associated with the Belgians comes with mussels cooked either in white wine and classic veggie broth or traditional Belgian Beer.

This delicacy, which is a top traditional meal in Belgium, is usually served with fries. If you want to enjoy this meal fully, consider dipping them in leftover sauce after eating the mussels. Indeed, having a taste of these mussels of mosselen-friet is one of the best things to do in Belgium.

3. Belgian chocolates

This list isn’t complete without adding some delicious chocolates to the mix. Belgian chocolate has been in existence since the 19th century, and as it stands, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be extinct any time soon.

In fact, Belgian chocolate is a huge player in Belgian cuisine and economy. There are various Belgian chocolates designed to fill your cravings and get your taste buds excited. A typical example is the Belgian pralines which come with filings that can excite your taste buds and refresh your mind.

 4. Speculaas

Speculaas isn’t one of those meals that appear good and taste good. In other words, they aren’t just a delight to your sight, but they are designed to excite your taste buds as well.

If you are a cookie fanatic, you can consider speculaas to be the unofficial national cookies of the Belgium food culture. And oh my, you are going to love its thinness and the crunchy sound it makes when it gets into your mouth.

Speculaas are usually eaten with coffee. It is spiced, and this gives it a whole different taste. If you want to try out popular Belgium delights, the Speclaas is one of your best picks.


After feeding your eyes with the glamorous views and landscapes of Belgium, it makes sense to feed your mouth as well with something tasty. Don’t be scared to try out any Belgian cuisine, as all come with different features designed to help you create a lasting memory.