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Fashion Trends across Australia to Adopt in 2022

Finally, after almost two years, many designers are back to showcasing their garments in person. This means we can get all the best scoops in one place and truly enjoy the effect of fashion. What does that mean for our trends? Well, Australians have a lot to be happy about since the entire 2022 will be more than exciting. To get an early idea of what will be popular all over the country, here are the most prominent trends in Oz to watch out for in the new year.

Colours of the sun

The Australian sun seemed to be the inspiration for many designers this year (or just the sun in general but we like to think it’s the Australian sun). The runways for spring and summer were bathed in colours of dawn and dusk, like butter yellows and terracotta chosen by Hermes. Australia’s brother-by-tropical-weather, Hawaii, also served as an inspiration to designers of Proenza Schouler, while Chloe, Dior and Collina Strada embraced fiery reds.

Craft fashion

Australia and the rest of the world went through what seemed like ages of lockdowns and quarantine, so just like most of us, designers started experimenting with crafting. For his first show in 4 years, Joseph Altuzarra adopted a nomadic taste and put his models in tie-dye loose shirts and dresses and embellished everything with crochet and braided rope. Givenchy turned to macramé and put out a series of rainbow sweaters. At Chloe, we could see hand-spun gowns, ponchos and purses for a very tactile experience.

Beaded embellishments

In 2022, you will be free to add something extra to your outfit and nobody will be able to stop you. Beads are perfect embellishments because they are small yet make for a big effect. You can easily pair a mini dress with beads, chunky boots and some cool jewellery. It’s easy to find edgy pieces in your favorite online jewellery store to accompany your punk rock look. Or you can go very gentle and casual with jeans, a t-shirt and a few decorations on your jacket.

Mini skirts

Fashion Trends across Australia to Adopt in 2022

In 2022, Australian summer will be even hotter than usual with pretty short hemlines that stretch out the limbs and tell a story of confidence and boldness. Miuccia Prada introduced us to micro skirts that remind us of our high school rebellious years. Dior tried to revive the swinging sixties with mini skirts and jackets with graphic colours and clean lines. Chanel also tried their hand at mini dresses, with the house recommendation that highlights classic pinks, whites and tweed.


Every few years, fringe is back in the spotlight, and in 2022, we will start to see fringe wherever we turn and throughout the entire year. This trend is perfect for any season because it adds a little bit of movement to your outfit. This detail is usually found on the edge of denim, but in 2022, you can expect to see it on everything from blazers to capes and wool coats for a stylish winter look. Fringed outfits can be accompanied by everything from long skirts, chunky boots or flared trousers and are found in many shades, especially in neutrals.


Athleisure is pretty big all over the world, and Australians can expect to enjoy this casual look in all spheres of life, mostly leaning towards athletic in 2022. Athleisure outfits can be worn from coastal walks to courtside tennis matches. Imagine boxers, windbreakers and baseball shirts and caps but elevated for casual outings. These outfits are easy to assemble and you just have to look into your closet and make a few unusual pairings.

We can expect to hopefully go out more in 2022, so it’s time to start prepping your outfits that will attract all the right attention. It’s time to get out of quarantine in style!

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