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Career Planning

4 Easy Ways to Develop your Career

How do you make sure that whenever your company finds itself in a major crisis, you are the last individual considered for a sack? Or how do you ensure that you make great strides in your career? While you may have a few options of your own, we believe that developing your career remains the best way to achieve career success.

But, how do you develop your career? Do you relax in your comfort zone and expect to “work out” just like that? Or do you talk to a career coach? If you aren’t sure of how to take your career to the next level, you should count yourself lucky. Why? Because you are exactly where you should be.

Below we have highlighted a few ways (pretty easy) to improve your career.  

  1. Set little achievable goals

It is common practice to set career goals at the beginning of the year to be achieved before the year runs out. While such an idea is commendable, you must note that 365 days is a long time to set tangible, achievable goals. Thus, it makes sense to set smaller goals throughout the year.

Picture your role at work. What could you be doing to improve that work? Are there skills you could learn to help you become better at what you do? Ruminate on this for some time and then make a list of goals related to these items. After setting the goals, give yourself a deadline to achieve them.

When you have hit the deadline, give yourself a grade. This may seem funny or weird to you, but it works. 

  1.     Get out of your comfort zone.

We understand that your comfort zone is cool, less challenging, and very comfortable. However, if you stay there for too long, you might end up becoming weak, dull, and very lazy. It is said that success lies outside of our comfort zone. Thus, if you want to succeed in your career, you need to move into unchartered territory and not cower in your comfort area.

Engage in tasks that scare you. Do you find it hard to speak in public? Sign up for presentations at work or networking events. Are you scared to bring forth your ideas? Ask someone for the opportunity to guest post. Do those things that give you the collywobbles. Remember, success lies just outside of your comfort zone. 

  1.     Register  for a training session

While you can learn new skills alone, joining a class or registering for a course can add more depth and structure to your learning experience. When you sign up for courses, you can pursue hard or soft skills with the assistance of an expert.

Figure out where you are lacking in your career. Afterward, find a course or join a class that can help you tackle the problem you are facing. For instance, if you need to fast-track your career or develop your problem-solving skills, you can consider the lean six sigma yellow belt course. There is always a solution for whatever career problem you are faced with. And when you end up solving the problem, you’ll see significant improvement in your career. 

  1.     Read

Another way to improve your career is by dedicating quality time to reading. Spend time reading insightful blogs, regardless of their length or source. Also, focus on reading books related to your profession. Read books that stretch your imagination.

Don’t ever stop reading.

When you read new things, you gain knowledge that can come in handy when networking. Reading skills can also help you perform and communicate better at work. The more you read, the more knowledgeable you become.


To keep up with the dynamic job requirements and ensure that you aren’t stagnant career-wise, you must prioritize career development. Set small achievable career goals. Read. Register for valuable training sessions. Overall, make a conscious effort to take your career to the next level. 

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