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Five ways to update your home in 2019

At the start of a new year, many of us want to refresh and update our homes, with the latest trends in mind. In 2019, there are loads of fabulous new trends you can use in your home, and these simple ways to update your home are perfect for the new year.

Muted Colour Palettes

In 2019, more subtle and muted colours are popular, with shades like Mellow Buff, Storm Grey and Rose Dawn creating sophisticated spaces. This year’s interior colour trends are tranquil, calm and serene, and they are perfect for updating your home into a haven. These muted tones let you create a stunning interior you can relax and unwind in, whether you want to paint your walls in a subtle new shade or accessorise with soft throws and cushions.


This trend is all about connecting with nature and bringing fresh, healthy plants into your environment. Plants are well known for improving the air quality of a room, and their beautiful shades and shapes are perfect for updating your home. You can go for fun and quirky plants like cacti and succulents which are easy to look after or if you would prefer a larger plant, consider Snake plant (Sansevieria), which is great for tall patterned leaves, Donkey Tails (Sedum Moganianum) and Cheese Plants (Monstera Deliciosa) which both have unusual foliage.

Get Crafting

Another great way you can update your home for 2019, is by getting your creative head on and trying to add some extra special touches to your home. Fringing, beading and embellishment are big trends in 2019, and for a high end and on-trend look, try adding your twist on some of your outdated home accessories or furniture. Make fabulous curtain tie backs with fringing, add decorative trim to your cushions and try painting an old dresser you don’t love.


Another great way to update your home is through having a good rearrange. If you’ve had the same layout for decades, then it’s time to start moving things around. Get rid of any clutter you are hoarding, move the TV, put up some shelves. You will be amazed how new and different your room looks. Draw a layout of your room, and the furniture you want to keep and sketch a few different ideas down. If your room is looking cluttered, then see if you can get rid of any bulky items for a modern and minimalist feel. You could also ask a friend to come round and have a look, they might have a different perspective, and they can help you move big heavy items.

Fresh Coat of Paint

With this year’s muted colours in mind, it is the perfect time to update your property with some fresh, clean walls. Property investment experts RW Invest have embraced these colours, and their high-end rental properties are exquisitely decorated for a modern tenant. Light walls with statement artworks are perfect for making your property feel new, clean and bright.