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Prom Dress Trend Predictions For 2019

Every year, girls around the country search both online and in store for the best prom dress that they can find. Prom dress trends come and go with short prom dresses making a brief appearance a few years ago but fading away when two piece prom dresses started to gain popularity. Finding the right prom dress for the occasion is not easy so we have put together some of the trends that we expect to see when prom season comes along. Keep reading if you want to be ahead and find the perfect dress for you.


Two-piece prom dresses might sound a little strange, but they can extremely beautiful when paired with the right accessories and hairstyle. Many two-piece dresses involve what looks like a cropped top and a long skirt which flows. Expect to see some prom dresses following this style in 2019 after many young girls decided to try this look out in 2018. Two-pieces often come with a lot of glitter and sometimes even a split in the leg which can have a great effect as long as it doesn’t go too high.

Pink Dresses

Pink prom dresses are making a comeback after a few years of scarlet and ruby dresses being the most popular choice. Light pink prom dresses can be extremely pretty and paired with some sparkly jewels and glitter, they can make anyone stand out on the big night. These pink prom dresses by Jovani are some of the most impressive in terms of pink prom dresses this year so make sure to have a look and see if this is the trend you want to try.

One Shoulder

For a more sophisticated look this year, we are expecting to see a lot of one shoulder or even off the shoulder looks. One shoulder satin dresses can really look incredible on the night and many girls prefer to show their shoulder rather than their legs. This look seems to be coming up more often than the low-cut styles we have seen in recent years as young girls have struggled with making that look work with the school rules. Take a look at some of the one shoulder dresses and you will see that they make perfect prom dresses for those who want to look sophisticated.

Lace Back

In the past, we saw a lot of detail on the front of prom dresses, but this has changed recently with the back of the dress becoming the part that draws attention. This year, we expect to see even more dresses with a lace back appearing at proms around the country as young girls jump on this trend. A lace back often needs to be paid with a style of hair that allows the lace to be seen. Remember this when you are choosing your hairstyle to avoid covering the lace and ruining the look.


Prom is all about showing off and looking glamorous, so it makes sense that glitter is making a comeback. While the 2019 glittery dresses might not be as glittery as they have been in the past, there are still lots of sequins and crystals showing up in stores and at online retailers. Consider trying out the glitter trend if you want to stand out on prom night but remember to keep your accessories low-key to not overdo the look.


The final prom dress trend to look out for in 2019 is florals which come in pastel colours like yellow. Young girls love these dresses because they are different from the usual lace or satin gowns. This trend has been going strong for a while now, but we expect florals to be even more popular for those who want to make their prom look a little more summery. Choose a nice floral pattern that isn’t too overpowering, and you should be able to rock this look and impress on your prom night in 2019.

Final Thoughts

Prom season is coming up and we can’t wait to see the amazing looks that this generation will be coming up with. Some of the best designers already have their prom looks in the works and the trends that we have discussed in this article will definitely be prominent throughout the season. If you are struggling to find the right prom dress for you then make sure to consider all of the tips that we have given you.

Take a look at some of the prom dress online and find the right look that will suit your style. Remember that this night is about you so don’t be afraid to wear what you want and follow the trend that you think will make you shine on your big night!