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Foolproof Gifts That Everyone Can Appreciate

If you think you’re terrible at preparing gifts then don’t worry, you’re not the only one. It’s easy to make a gift go wrong and all of your good will and intentions will likely be thrown out of the window. To prevent the embarrassment, we’ve put together some ideas to help you choose a foolproof gift that anyone can appreciate and has an extremely low chance of failing.

Foolproof Gifts That Everyone Can Appreciate

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A Gift Card

Yes, foolproof does occasionally mean a boring gift but at least it’s practical! Useful gifts that can be used straight away are always appreciated because there’s nothing to really complain about. As long as you provide a gift card for a store that you recipient shops at, there’s usually no problem and it will be a much-appreciated boost to their shopping fund.


A pair of slippers is appreciated by everyone. The sizes are usually quite big meaning you don’t need exact measurements and they’re comfortable enough to be worn all the time. If you want to be a little more extravagant, consider a pair of felt slippers that go from farm to feet instead of a mass-produced pair that you can pick up at a local clothing store. Just make sure your recipient isn’t allergic to any materials; it’s a rare problem to have but it’s still worth considering!


From chocolates to candy and even muffins and cakes, an edible gift is usually something that is much-appreciated and generally well-liked by everyone. As long as you don’t get something that your recipient is allergic to or dislikes, then you’ll have a simple gift that they really can’t complain about! If you want to go the extra mile, then consider making them yourself by looking at some edible gift recipes. You’ll probably want to practice making them a few times to ensure they taste fine and also get a nice box to package your treats in.

Notepads and Jotters

Whether it’s a simple diary or a cutesy notebook for a younger recipient, a pad of paper is inoffensive and useful in many different ways. They can use it to keep a diary, write notes for their work or even use it for study purposes. For a more professional look, consider a notepad or a jotter that comes with a leather exterior. These are more expensive but make fantastic gifts for those who prefer more class. For a younger recipient, there are plenty of pretty pictures, cartoon graphics and comic characters to pick from.

As you’ve probably noticed, many of the gifts on this list are items that can be used straight away or have some practical use. That’s the theme you want to aim for when it comes to getting a gift that anyone can appreciate. As long as the item isn’t too niche or specific, it’s generally well-received and can be accepted without any issue.