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The Emotional First Trimester: What To Expect


It’s your first pregnancy and it is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting things you have ever experienced. You’re delighted at the idea of becoming a parent, already imagining the life that your little one will lead, and arching your back to make your belly stick out so you can picture a bump developing. It’s all so exciting, a time of wonder and delight and excitement and —

Record scratch.

Okay, so the first trimester is all of those things; the moment that you see a positive pregnancy test, your life changes in the most meaningful way. However, there’s also no denying that the first trimester of pregnancy is also the most trying trimester of pregnancy. Sure, the second and third trimesters have their problems, but the first is by far the most difficult.

Some of the problems caused by the first trimester are relatively well known; the nausea, the exhaustion, and the physical changes. However, it’s less common for women to know what to expect when it comes to how they will feel emotionally— and this is the change that can often be the most pertinent of all.

In an effort to redress the balance, let’s examine a few of the most common emotional thoughts and feelings you’ll experience in the first trimester.


While post-partum depression is a much-discussed subject that receives the requisite amount of attention and care, pre-partum depression is also a serious issue– and one that is too-frequently overlooked. Nevertheless, the hormonal changes that you experience during pregnancy can cause serious depressive issues. If you experience these, then don’t hesitate to talk to a counselor to try. A counselor can help address the issue, and you don’t even need to leave the house to see one: if you have the requisite internet speed, then you can have Skype consultations online to help you cope with what you’re experiencing.


It’s advised that you don’t share the news of your pregnancy until you pass the 12 week mark, which means up to three months of feeling like you are constantly lying to your friends and family. You will have to explain why you’re not drinking, why you’re missing social events, why you can’t eat certain foods— and you’ll have to do it all without giving the game away. As a result, you’ll be relieved when the 12-week mark expires, just so you can be honest!


Pregnancy is incredibly exciting, but it’s also a signifier of a massive change in your life– and no matter how much you adore your baby, it’s natural that you will have some feelings of fear as to how much your life is about to alter. In fact, it could be argued it would be odd not to be fearful about such a huge, defining event that will alter your life forever. You are also likely to experience fear over your unborn child; many moms-to-be find the first trimester makes them the most paranoid they have ever been in their life.

In conclusion

If you are embarking on your first-ever pregnancy, knowing the thoughts and feelings you may experience is incredibly beneficial. If you do struggle with any of the above, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor or counselor to try and find a solution that works for you and your baby.