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Gearing up for a comfortable, happy winter

 Soon, it’ll be winter. As we all know, it is a unique season that comes with the spirit of reunions, celebrations, family time, love, and the holidays — the spirit of Christmas.

Winter also comes with its characteristic chill. For all that winter brings, you can prepare yourself and your home to make it an enjoyable season.

Here are the top ways to do so.  

1. Insulate walls and attics

Your home’s insulation is one of the first things to check as winter approaches.

If you live where winter gets pretty chilly, make sure you check your insulation or install a new one before the cold comes. An underinsulated home will also incur higher heating bills, so insulation is one thing you need to do as soon as possible. Exterior walls, attics, and garages are the most important places to insulate. 

2. Ensure your fireplace is ready

The fireplace can be a distinctive focal point of a home. Especially in winter, it can create that magical effect where you and your family gather in the living room at night telling stories. This is a time to consider gas or propane fire tables so you can produce heat quickly and safely without firewood. Relax in the warmth of flames and forget about the cold outside for a while.

 3. Clear roof gutters

Gutters come under fire during the winter. They can get easily blocked by leaves and broken tree branches during fall. Blocked gutters will not allow snow to flow off away from the house. Therefore, the snow accumulates, melts, and flows to the ground, creating cracks in foundations and leaks in basements.

To avoid such damages, clear gutters before the winter comes. 

4. Prepare your vehicle

Get your vehicle prepared for the winter before the snow arrives.

Service the radiator and check the antifreeze level. Fill your tank so there’s no space for ice. You may also want to consider changing tires to snow tires. Also, keep a winter emergency kit in your car in case you get stranded in the snow at any time. Your kit should include items to keep you warm, such as extra hats, coats, and blankets. A portable charger, non-perishable food, and a first aid kit in your car during winter are highly advised. 

5. Slowly condition your body to the new temperature

When the winter arrives, your normal response would be to turn up your thermostat as high as it can go. But your wallet will start feeling the pain soon.

It’s advisable to turn up the heat gradually across days to allow your body to acclimate to the new temperature. In the end, you may realize you don’t need an overly high temperature. Another option is to lower your thermostat gradually across weeks. That is, if you’re used to 65 degrees in winter, try taking it down by a degree each week and allow your body to adjust to lower yet comfortable temperatures.

This trick will help you save a lot of cash on heating bills this winter. Do wear a piece of warm clothing while acclimatizing.

 Finally… Don’t forget your mind and body

While setting up your home and vehicle for the winter, it’s easy to forget self-care. Winter is notorious for bringing bouts of depression for many reasons: cold temperature, bleak sun-less atmosphere, etc. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to consider what can help you during these times. Being around family or friends helps. Also, ensure you’ve stocked up on moisturizers and other skin hydration means so you can feel and look your best.

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